A Risky Friend Request

We’ve all been there – you’re sitting at your computer browsing Facebook when you see that you have a new friend request from a stranger. One of our users, Nancy, received a friend request from a man named Clark with a message saying that he had wanted to get to know her. Against her better judgment, Nancy accepted the request.

A New Friendship

Nancy and Clark began to chat through Facebook Messenger. She learned that Clark was a doctor working for the United Nations. He was stationed in Iraq, but he wanted to move back home to the United States to start his own practice. Initially, Nancy was unsure of his intentions, so she didn’t share too much. But after messaging for a while, she began to feel comfortable and opened up.

After a while, Nancy began to wonder if the situation was too good to be true. His grammar wasn’t the best, but she looked past that. However, her suspicion grew when money became a topic of their conversation. Clark had mentioned that he wasn’t getting paid for his work and began asking for some financial assistance. At that point, Nancy recognized that his request was a major red flag and decided to do some research on him.

Finding Out The Truth

After joining Spokeo and running a search on him, she realized that the information Clark had been telling her didn’t match up with what she found online. She confronted him and ended their friendship.

“Everything he had told me was false. Everything! Spokeo was a good resource for me to see if he was the person he claimed to be.”

Using Spokeo saved Nancy from being scammed, both financially and emotionally. Talking to unfamiliar people online can be a gamble. It’s always safe to double-check who you’re friends with online. However, if you find yourself in a situation similar to Nancy’s and need to perform a background check on somebody, try searching their username, or any details about them, on Spokeo.