An Old Flame Reignited

How many of you remember your first love? Now, how many of you get the chance to reconnect with them decades later AND get married?

Susan and Alex first met in 1976 at a dance club. Susan was there to meet up with a guy who had asked her out on a date, but he never showed up. Alex was also there with his friend. He quickly noticed Susan and mustered up the courage to talk to her. His courage paid off because they spent the whole night talking, and a year later, they got married.

Growing Apart

Fast forward to four years later, they divorced and went their separate ways. Life in the city hadn’t been as easy as they thought it would be and they were both on two different pages. The years flew by and relationships came and went, but deep down inside, there was always a place in Susan’s heart for Alex. Trying to distract herself, she moved to Arkansas, bought a plot of land, and started building a house. She spent her time either working long hours at her job or working on her house. However, neither of those things could fill the void in her heart, so she decided to turn to the internet for assistance on finding him.

Susan typed his name into Google, and her search led her to Spokeo. She signed up and searched his name, but she was having trouble because his last name was pretty common. She decided to call our Customer Care line for some search assistance. One of our agents answered her call and was more than happy to help her. After locating her account, he performed a complementary search. He narrowed down listings based on the information that Susan provided, and found a listing that he thought might have belonged to Alex. He started reading off some information from the listing, and Susan immediately recognized an email address, so she was sure that it was the right profile as well. He gave Susan some more data, and also told her how she could find the listing on her own if she needed to do so later. That night, Susan went back to Spokeo, followed the instructions given to her earlier, and located the listing. She saw an address and figured the best approach would be to send a letter. She wrote a quick letter and mailed it. A few days later, she received a letter back!

A Love Letter

She wasn’t sure if she’d get a response, and if she did, she thought that Alex would tell her that he had started a new life and didn’t want to talk to her. However, much to her delight, she received a letter back a few days later, and it was a four-page letter full of friendliness and regret. Alex had missed Susan just as much as she missed him, and ended the letter with his phone number. Susan called him and they spoke about their lives, and what they’d both done since they last spoke. They realized that neither of them had remarried after they divorced.

Alex lived in Massachusetts, but they still made plans to reunite, and a few weeks later, Alex came to visit Susan in Arkansas. Even though it had been almost four decades since they last saw or spoke to each other, it felt as if they had never lost touch. The second time he went to Arkansas to visit, they knew that they both wanted to recommit to each other, and decided to tie the knot again. Right after Susan picked Alex up from the airport, they went to a chapel and got married! Since Susan is in the process of selling her house and transferring her job to Boston, they’re currently having a long-distance relationship. They’re both very excited for the moment when they’ll be fully back together again!

We’re so happy that we were able to help Susan find Alex, and that the reunion resulted in marriage! If you’re having trouble locating an old love, try searching their name on Spokeo – it might be the missing puzzle piece you didn’t realize you needed.