Who Lives on My Street?

First of all – don’t feel weird. There are all kinds of legitimate reasons to want to learn more about your neighbors.

Perhaps you never caught a name and are now too embarrassed to ask. This really happens – a new neighbor once called me the wrong name for about 6 months because I was too embarrassed to correct him. Maybe the house sprung a leak while they’re on vacation and you want to call them but don’t have a phone number. Or you may just have a weird feeling about them and are thinking twice about letting your child play with their kids.

Whatever the reason, you can always rely on the power of the internet – and more specifically, people search engines – to help you find what you’re looking for.

Don’t (Just) Use Google to Search Them

Since I’m assuming you probably aren’t friends with most (or any) of your neighbors on Facebook, you may be wondering where to go if you want to find more information: a full name, a cell phone number, an email address, etc.

Most people would immediately head over to Google to make one last-ditch, long-shot attempt to get what they’re looking for. And usually Google will come up short, especially if your next door neighbor has a common name.

That’s why you should make it a habit to use a dedicated people search engine whenever you need to find information on someone. People search engines like Spokeo aggregate billions of public records from a variety of sources including criminal reports, arrest records, state and federal databases and social media to just to name a few.

Start by entering a name and drilling down by location. From there you can get a comprehensive report and profile in seconds which can include:

  • Family Info
  • Marital Status
  • Contact Info (Phone Number and Email Address)
  • Pics & Profiles from Social Networks
  • Criminal Records/Arrest Records/Sex Offenses (Additional Fees Apply)

And more….

Don’t Know Their Full Name?

Still can’t decide if your neighbor is named Tim or Jim? No problem! Run a quick reverse search of their home address. Enter the full address (including the city and state) into the search bar and wait a few moments while it gathers all available information into an easy-to-read profile.

Doing this should show you all available information on current (and past!) residents, including that sneaky full name, and also information on the home itself (purchase price, estimated value, etc).

Your summer block party is about to get a whole lot less awkward.