Spokeo Helps a Worried Daughter Check on Her Elderly Mother

Chris and her sister have a steadfast system of checking up on their 90-year-old mother who lives alone. Mom’s neighbor, Kathy, hands Mom the morning paper every day. If for Kathy doesn’t see Mom, she places an immediate call to Chris’ sister.

One day, not having heard that anything was amiss, Chris tried calling, but no luck. As the clock ticked over the next five hours, she grew increasingly nervous.

The Frantic Search for Kathy

Since she wasn’t able to connect with her mom, and Kathy usually only contacted her sister, Chris decided she need to speak with Kathy directly and request that she go check on Mom. But Chris not only didn’t have Kathy’s phone number, she didn’t even know Kathy’s last name.

That’s when she remembered that Kathy’s recently deceased husband was named Richard. She sleuthed the local newspaper — the Albuquerque Journal — for Richard’s obituary. Once she confirmed his and Kathy’s last name, she tried to figure out how to get in touch with Kathy.

Spokeo to the Rescue

“And then I found your website, and I found her address and it was right next door to my mom. She was the right age and she was married to a ‘Richard,’ and she did have one child, and I knew that child’s name. So I knew it was her,” Chris explained.

Kathy had three phone numbers available on Spokeo and Chris chose to try the cell number listed as the most recent. One quick call and she connected with Kathy!

“By then my sister was already at my mother’s house, and so Kathy was able to go and see that my mom was ok… My mom was sitting there watching golf — the Open was on — and reading and she was perfectly fine!” Chris laughed. “She did not even know there was anything wrong with the telephone line until I told them I’d been trying to get her for five hours!”

A Happy Customer

“I was pleased with your service. I needed to get a hold of Kathy and that’s all I had, her first name,” Chris reiterated. “I did what I needed to do and found her on your website.”

We’re so glad to help bring peace of mind to one concerned daughter!

PS – Chris could have also found Kathy by searching her mom’s address on Spokeo and simply finding Kathy in the listing of nearby homes or clicking on her house in the map view.