Home ProductProduct Usage Spokeo and Social Search: 6 Years On
Home ProductProduct Usage Spokeo and Social Search: 6 Years On

Spokeo and Social Search: 6 Years On

by Spokeo

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In honor of Spokeo celebrating its 6th birthday this month (yep – six whole years!), I thought I’d return to our roots and take a closer look at Spokeo’s pioneering social search feature.

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As we say on our Reverse Email Search page, Spokeo is an email search pioneer. When Harrison Tang and a couple of his Stanford buddies first created Spokeo in 2006, they aimed to make it the best social network aggregator on the market. Tang was frustrated trying to keep track of all his friends’ updates and wanted to design a technology to aggregate all of those blogs, photos and videos in one place. While Spokeo has since expanded its people search capabilities to include name search, reverse phone search, reverse address search and celebrity search, social search remains an important part of what we do. In fact, it’s more relevant than ever.

When Spokeo first launched in the spring of 2006, Facebook and Twitter were still a little bit down the road (the most popular social networks were sites like Friendster, MySpace and Xanga). While a few of these early social networks and blogging sites eventually went the way of the Dodo, others quickly took their place, as social networking became the preferred mode of communication for more and more people. In retrospect, we came along at exactly the right time: directly on the cusp of the social media explosion.

Flash forward 6 years later and neither Spokeo nor social networking show any signs of slowing down. Facebook alone has over half a billion users (to put that in perspective, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third-most populous nation on Earth, right behind India and China). As for Spokeo, we continue to add new features, most recently reverse address search and celebrity search, with many more big additions and improvements on the way. What started as a simple social network aggregator has grown to become the leading solution to America’s people search needs.

Spokeo today aggregates over 90 social networks; these run the gamut from mega-networks like Facebook and Twitter, to video sharing sites like YouTube, to shopping sites, dating sites, gaming sites, and almost everything in between. What started as a way to keep track of a few buddies on Friendster and Xanga has turned into a vital tool for connecting people in this (social) media age. Connecting with someone’s online presence is as easy as typing in an email address or online username in the Spokeo search bar – within seconds you’ll see all available profiles conveniently arranged in one attractively-designed profile. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch. Try a search today.