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Frequently Asked Questions


Spokeo Mobile App

What’s included in the Spokeo app?

You can create a Free Account within the app and use it today; however, for those who are paid subscribers, you’ll also receive access to premium features, data and people searches.

With your free account, you’ll get:

  • Say goodbye to unknown callers. We'll show the caller's name on your screen and include their photo, if available. We'll even identify your unknown missed calls.

  • When known scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers, and debt collectors call you - you'll know. You can decide to pick up, ignore them, or block all unwanted calls.

  • See a number you want to block? You can also manually block unwanted callers from your address book.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll get:

Having a paid subscription comes with a few handy perks!

  • Most of us only save a person's name and phone number. But what if you want to find their address or send them an email? We'll search public records to find missing information in your contact list, such as home address and email address.

  • Be able to “Monitor" a profile and we'll notify you when new updates become available. Simply turn on the 'Get Updates' button found at the top of each profile and you'll receive notifications when someone moves, when new contact info is added and when new social activity is found.

  • Take advantage of Spokeo’s 12 billion+ records and search for people – anytime, anywhere! See our Terms of Use for more information.

What device is the Spokeo app available on?

Currently, the Spokeo app is only available on Android. Fear not iOS users, we're working hard in expanding our mobile outreach so please stay tuned!

How do I install the app?
  1. Visit the Google Play Store or launch the app from your mobile device
  2. Search for "Spokeo"
  3. Tap "Install" to complete your download. Be sure to accept any permission requests and you're good to go!
Can the app block calls?

Yes! Simply download and install the free Spokeo Mobile App. The app will sync with all numbers in your address book and call log. With any of those contacts or numbers, you can go in and turn on the block toggle button. We also will automatically block callers from our Telemarketers and Fraud list. Simply turn this feature on in the Settings menu.

What happens when I give Spokeo permission while using the app?

For our mobile app to work correctly, we need access to certain features and data from the phone. Without these permissions, the mobile app will be limited in what it can do and in some cases, might not work at all.

Can I still use the app and not give permission?

It varies on the permission, but keep in mind that by prohibiting phone permissions, it will severely limit what the app can do for you.

What does Spokeo do with the information collected?

Spokeo utilizes the information gathered by this app to give you an enhanced mobile experience and as permitted in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please visit our Privacy page for more information.

Does Spokeo sell the data I provide in my registration?

No, we don’t sell the personal information you provide when registering. Visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

What if I have additional questions related to the app?

Our dedicated mobile app Customer Care team is standing by to help! Send your questions to mobileapp@spokeo.com

Product Information

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo is a people search service that organizes information about people into simple and comprehensive online profiles that are accessible to consumers, businesses and non-profits.

Spokeo enables you to search for anyone by name, phone number, address, email, or username. This information can help you to reconnect with lost friends and family members, learn about celebrities and other famous people and discover an online footprint.

How do I perform a search?

Spokeo supports five types of searches. Enter a first and last name, phone number, email address, physical address, or username and click “search.” Our search bar automatically detects the type of search entered, and displays all available results once the search is complete.

Do I get unlimited searches?

All of our subscriptions contain a monthly search quota. Your account’s search quotas reset automatically each month. Unused searches do not roll over to the following month. However you have the option to purchase more searches if you run out.

What happens when I choose to be notified about a profile?

We know information is constantly changing. That's why we offer a feature where you can easily "Monitor" a profile and we'll notify you when new updates become available. Simply turn on the 'Get Updates' button found at the top of each profile and you'll receive notifications when...

  • New social activity is found
  • New contact info is added
  • Someone moves
Why can’t I find some of my friends through email search?

There are several reasons why Spokeo may not be able to find some of your friends. Most people use multiple email addresses and the email searched may not be the one your friend used to create social network accounts. Trying alternate email addresses for a friend may uncover their social networking accounts. Visit our blog for search tips like this post. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Why does it take a long time for my reverse email search to process?

Spokeo does not pre-crawl the web like conventional search engines. Instead, we find and retrieve content from many resources in real time, ensuring that the data we deliver is always up-to-date. So, please bear with us if you have to wait a few seconds for your results to load. It’s the only way for us to ensure that we’re providing you with the most updated and best results.

Which networks do you support for reverse email search?

Spokeo supports more than 60 networks, including but not limited to: social networks, photo albums, music playlists, video sites, business databases, and RSS feeds. We are always looking to improve our data sources in order to provide you with the latest information for your search.

Spokeo Subscription

What is a Spokeo membership?

Our membership gives you exclusive content and is activated immediately after your enrollment is complete.

A search with your membership can yield:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Education Level

A Reverse Email Search or Username Search with a premium membership can yield:

  • Public profiles on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Public profiles on dating sites like Match and OKCupid
  • Public photos on networks such as Flickr or PhotoBucket
  • Videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Reviews of products on shopping sites such as Amazon or eBay
  • Blog entries submitted on sites such as Blogger and LiveJournal

A Reverse Phone Search with a premium membership can yield:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Marital Status

A Reverse Address Search with a premium membership can yield:

  • Current Residents' Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Neighborhood Information
What are quota upgrades?

Spokeo premium membership is designed to have a broad appeal for general consumers who use Spokeo to help them reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. Spokeo premium membership offers search quotas which will suit most consumers at an affordable price. Spokeo’s add-on memberships increase your quota for near limitless searching. These plans generally appeal to professionals whose work routine includes constant people research.

A Spokeo membership allows users to search through the millions of data records available within Spokeo to reconnect with friends and family. Memberships can range from a one-time purchase of a report, to a recurring monthly subscription. Business and enterprise subscriptions are larger memberships that allow for more searches per month.

How much does a Spokeo membership cost?

A Spokeo membership is very affordable, with a variety of low cost payment plans available. For power users, Spokeo offers upgrades to enable all your searching needs.

What is a product add-on?

To keep Spokeo memberships at the lowest possible price, we enable users to purchase only the products they need. When you need additional products, they will be available as product add-ons to enable more advanced search features only when you need them.

How can I pay?

Spokeo currently accepts major debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX). Unfortunately, Spokeo currently does not accept money orders or checks. (If you don’t have a major credit or debit card, you can consider purchasing a prepaid credit card.)

What will show up on my bank or credit card statement?

The following descriptors may appear on your bank or credit card statement based on the type of subscription you enrolled in at the time of purchase:





Please contact our Customer Care team through our Contact page with any questions you may have regarding membership charges on your account.

How secure is my credit card information?

Your credit card information is safe with us. To ensure the highest data security possible, we utilize an industry-leading payment processor to handle all financial transactions. Your payment information is handled securely using high-level 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

When you have used up all your available searches, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade your search quotas to a higher level.

How do I perform a search?

Spokeo supports five search features. Enter a first and last name, phone number, email address, physical address, or username and click “search.” Our search bar automatically detects the type of search entered. All available results are displayed once the search is complete.

How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

All subscriptions will be automatically renewed until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription on the “Account” page at any time. Once canceled, you will still enjoy all benefits until the end of your current membership term. Your membership will not be renewed after that term expires. For further assistance, please contact Customer Care.

How do I cancel my subscription through PayPal?

If you paid for a subscription using PayPal, canceling is just as easy!

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click “Profile” near the top of the page.
  3. Click “My Money.”
  4. Click “Update” in the “My Preapproved Payments” section.
  5. Click “Cancel” or “Cancel Automatic Billing” and follow the instructions.
Can I get a refund if I’m unsatisfied with Spokeo?

We value the opportunity to resolve any form of dissatisfaction and encourage you to contact Customer Care to request a refund.

Do I get unlimited searches?

All of our subscriptions contain a monthly search quota. Your account’s search quotas reset automatically each month. Unused searches do not roll over to the following month. However, you have the option to purchase more searches if you run out.

Can I perform international searches?

Spokeo currently only supports numbers and addresses from the United States for our phone and name search. Our email search feature covers all of the public profiles available on the social networks supported by our system.

Why can’t I find a person on Spokeo?

The data available on Spokeo is gathered from a multitude of sources, including social networks, public records, phone listings, marketing surveys and more. However, machine aggregation has its limits and we cannot guarantee full or accurate information for every name, phone number, email address or username you search for, as available data results vary from person to person. The results reflect that of the original sources, but we constantly expand and improve the data available on Spokeo and encourage you to search again in the future.

What should I do if something isn’t working as expected?

Please contact our Customer Care team through our Contact page.

Data & Privacy

Where does Spokeo get its data?

We organize data from various sources, including public record data, surveys, and social data (that has not been deemed private). Spokeo makes this information more easily accessible for people to research themselves or others.

Does Spokeo guarantee data accuracy?

Spokeo organizes data from more than 50 types of sources. We are working to ensure that we’re getting data from the best possible sources. We look for redundancy with respect to the information we get so we can test accuracy against it.

Please note that Spokeo’s terms of use clearly state that use of Spokeo to determine eligibility for employment, credit or any other use under the Fair Credit Reporting Act is explicitly prohibited.

Can others see what I have searched?

We do not disclose your search history to anyone else. Search history is only viewable to the account holder who is logged in. You may disable the search history feature by going to your Records page and turning off the “search history” option.

How do I opt out and remove my listing from Spokeo?

Spokeo respects your privacy interests, and you can easily opt out of Spokeo’s public search if desired. Please note that the information aggregated by Spokeo is publicly available, opting out of Spokeo does not remove the information from its original sources. You can remove the search results derived from performing any Name Search, Reverse Phone Search, Reverse Email Search and Username Search here.

To remove your listing:

  1. Locate the individual listing to remove (for name listings, please select the state, city, then exact profile match)
  2. Copy the URL (the URL can be found on the top of your browser and should look something like “http://www.spokeo.com/Smith-Sample/Houston/TX/p12345678″)
  3. Go to www.spokeo.com/optout
  4. Paste the URL
  5. Provide your email address (this acts as a verification process for the confirmation to be sent to your Inbox) and Captcha Code (Image Verification Code)
  6. Check your Inbox for the confirmation email, and click on the link on the bottom to complete the removal process.
  7. The directory listing will become flagged and will be removed within 1 business day.

If you are seeing an error message, please see below for the solution to some common issues:

Incorrect URL

Please ensure that you click on the exact profile that contains your address. Correct URLs typically end with numbers. Example: http://www.spokeo.com/Smith-Sample/Houston/TX/p12345678

Incorrect Captcha Text

Type in the code provided exactly how it shows. Before you type in the code, make sure that all other fields are correct. Try using different browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Too many listings removed and following message appears:

“In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of automated privacy requests. Government officials please use your @.gov email address for priority processing.”

Spokeo respects your privacy, and provides a convenient way to remove your listings from public searches. However, in order to prevent spammers, bots and others from removing hundreds of listings at a time, Spokeo limits the amount of listings that can be removed each week per IP address. You can remove additional listings from another location, or try again the next day.

You can also request further assistance with removing your listing by contacting Customer Care.