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The 718 Area Code (or Area Code 718) is located in the state of NY. Area Code 718 is one of the 269 3-digit telephone area codes in the USA. It covers roughly 1,221 unique phone numbers and 18,155 individuals near the city of Staten Island

Location & Map

Most numbers within Area Code 718 are located in the following cities: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Woodside, South Richmond Hill, Bronx, Flushing, Saint Albans, Bayside, Far Rockaway, Windham, Patterson, Yonkers, College Point.

Time Zone & Current Time

The 718 area code lies within the Eastern Standard Time (or EST). The current time in Eastern Standard Time is 06:27 PM on 08/02/2015.

Top Cities

Staten Island, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Woodside, Woodside, South Richmond Hill, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Bronx, Bronx, Bronx, Flushing, Saint Albans, Brooklyn, and Brooklyn

Population Demographics

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Staten Island, NY
Neighborhood statistics for Staten Island, NY
Top Occupations
39% Management
30% Sales

About Staten Island, NY

Staten Island / ˌ s t æ t ən ˈ aɪ l ə n d / is one of the five boroughs of New York City, in the U.S. state of New York, located in the southwest part of the city. Staten Island is the southernmost part of the both the City and State of New York, with Conference House Park at the southern tip of the island and the state. The borough is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull, and from the rest of New York by New York Bay. With a 2013 Census-estimated population of 472,621, Staten Island is the least populated of the boroughs but is the third-largest in area at 59 sq mi (153 km 2). The borough is coextensive with Richmond County, and until 1975 the borough was officially named the Borough of Richmond. Staten Island has been sometimes called "the forgotten borough" by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government. The North Shore — especially the neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, Clifton, and Stapleton — is the most urban part of the island; it contains the officially designated St. George Historic District and the St. Paul’s Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, which feature large Victorian houses. The East Shore is home to the 2.5-mile (4 km) F.D.R. Boardwalk, the fourth-longest in the world. The South Shore developed rapidly beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, and is mostly suburban in character. The West Shore is the least populated and most industrial part of the island.Staten Island used to claim the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was at one point the world's largest landfill. It was closed in 2001, then shortly afterward temporarily reopened to receive the debris from the September 11th attacks. The landfill is being made into what will be New York City's second largest public park. Motor traffic can reach the borough from Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and from New Jersey via the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. Staten Island has Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus lines and a MTA rapid transit line, the Staten Island Railway, which runs from the ferry terminal at St. George to Tottenville. Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to the New York City subway system. The free Staten Island Ferry connects the borough to Manhattan and is a popular tourist attraction, providing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.