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Skip Tracing

with Social Media

Spokeo is the single skip tracing solution. Leverage the power of social media to recover more debt, faster.

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Collections Success Story

Spokeo Enterprise allows reverse address, email, and phone number searches to find critical contact information when need it.
A collector at a Federal Credit Union in Southeast Texas performed a reverse email search on Spokeo to uncover a debtor’s Facebook account, which was under a different name. The debtor had recently ‘checked in’ at a local restaurant, along with a photo of their brand-new 2023 Dodge Charger GT.
The collector quickly dispatched local repossession professionals, and the credit union was able to secure its collateral – thanks to Spokeo’s social media insights.

Why Spokeo?

Find the best contact information
Find the best contact information
Challenge: Consumers are relocating and changing their addresses, phone numbers, and employers more frequently. Contact information from regulated credit header data may be outdated.
Solution: Uncover the most recent contact information via a curated database of open source and social media data. Spokeo applies artificial intelligence in order to recommend the best contact information for every person.
Leverage social media
Leverage social media
Challenge: Existing providers often fail to link social media accounts with the target subject. Alternatively, searching via Google and browsing social media sites directly is time-consuming and has a low rate of success.
Solution: Gain deeper, more current, and more powerful insights in a fraction of the time – Spokeo automatically links the best social media profiles to your target subject.
Identify and locate more debtors
Identify and locate more debtors
Challenge: Many unbanked or underbanked people simply don’t show up in traditional searches.
Solution: Find people who are unbanked or underbanked by tapping into Spokeo’s unparalleled coverage of the US adult population.
Maximize your team’s ROI
Maximize your team’s ROI
Challenge: Teams need to switch between numerous providers to gather the required information. Key results are buried across different sites and pages.
Solution: Access current contact details via a single skip tracing platform. Save time and money.
Negotiate more effectively
Negotiate more effectively
Challenge: Collections professionals need to understand debtors’ unique personal details and lifestyle to build rapport and communicate with them effectively.
Solution: Obtain a 360° view of debtors with key information such as location, employment history, family, preferences, habits, and lifestyle factors.
Locate collateral
Locate collateral
Challenge: Traditional data providers often fail to establish clear links between debtors and their assets. Even if they can, that service is only available with additional fees.
Solution: Identify the physical location of collateral based upon address history, relationships, and recent social media activity – all included in one base price.
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Key Features

The Largest People Database
Over 300 million in-depth profiles are intelligently compiled from 6 billion consumer records, 130 million property records, 120+ social networks, and more.
Quick Subject Identification
The search results page presents the most vital identifying information upfront – such as name, aliases, age, and addresses – so you can quickly disambiguate the target subject.
Robust Social Media Coverage
The most recent social media insights from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more are shown directly in the Spokeo platform.
Proprietary People Analytics
Artificial intelligence predicts the best contact information (phone, address, email, social media) that is both active and most likely to successfully reach the target subject.
Actionable Personal and Lifestyle Insights
Unique insights include the subject’s employment history, family, habits, and preferences to aid you in communicating with debtors effectively.
Collections API
Use Spokeo's robust API to seamlessly integrate our highly-actionable debtor data into your existing workflows and applications. Contact us at or (888) 585-2370.
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How Other Spokeo Users Skip Trace

"You helped me locate delinquent debtors and collateral. I’m truly grateful!"

Mark, Tennessee

"Spokeo helps me find information on defendants to serve them with a lawsuit and help collect for judgment creditors."

Cathleen, California

"It was wonderful, thank you! I wanted to check for arrest warrants on certain individuals, and I was provided with accurate information."

Michelle, Connecticut

"I was able to see all social media profiles of the person I looked up."

Kendra, Florida

“I would recommend you guys to anyone working in collections or skip tracing, for sure!"

Eric, Missouri

"We use Spokeo along with other paid databases when skip tracing for service of process."

Bonnie, Florida

“I use Spokeo as an auxiliary search with other services. It assists greatly with social media if it exists, like Facebook, etc."

Jo Ellen, California

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This page is not intended to serve as legal advice. Please always get legal and compliance advice before altering your collections program.