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Search without them knowing
Find owner name and location
View social profiles and pics
Search without them knowing
Find owner name and location
View social profiles and pics


How Does Reverse Email Lookup Work?

Reverse email lookup works by taking an email address and searching public databases, social media platforms and popular websites to gather a wealth of information about the owner. Once the search is complete, Spokeo compiles that information into a report that can include the owner's name, physical address, phone number, social media profiles and more.

Our search engine pulls a wealth of data from a wide range of sources that include:

Social Media Sites
Spokeo's scours billions of social media sites, online posts and forums to unearth profiles both known and that you might not have known about.
Online Directories
People often have detailed information listed in web-based profiles across the internet. Spokeo quickly finds anyone tied to an email address in thousands of online directories.
Public Records
Spokeo gathers information from respected public sources such as Federal and State Records, tax filings, county assessor's information and property records into a single report.
Dating Sites
In cases of both dating and infidelity there are often dating profiles registered using an email address. These profiles can be easily revealed using Reverse Email Lookup.
Shopping Sites
Reverse email lookup can find public accounts, memberships and subscriptions to shopping sites and various online services.

What Can a Reverse Email Address Lookup Provide?

One quick email lookup can provide a wealth of information about the owner of an email address. This can include their full name, aliases, social media profiles, pics, age and more. It may also uncover additional email addresses, usernames and online accounts associated with the individual, giving you a more comprehensive picture of their digital footprint.

Owner's Details

Full Name

Digital Footprint

Social Accounts
Dating Profiles

Contact Information

Phone Numbers
Secondary Emails

Personal Details

Estimated Income
Property Ownership


How to Use an Email Address Lookup

Looking up an email address is quick and easy — all it takes is a one click to gain instant insight on the person behind a suspicious email. To do an email search:
  1. Go to the Spokeo homepage
  2. Type in an email address
  3. Click on "Search Now"
With Spokeo's reverse email lookup you can:
Fight scams and fraud
Look up unknown email addresses and find out if the sender is trustworthy or a fraudster attempting cybertheft, phishing, or catfishing
Reveal infidelity
Uncover the dating profiles and unknown social media accounts that are linked to your partner's email address
Date safer
Avoid catfishing by looking up your date's real name, aliases, age, marital status and much more to help you date smarter and safer
Generate new business
Improve your response rate by using an email to find phone numbers, social media profiles and street addresses
Get back in touch with old friends, classmates and romantic connections by using an old email address to find new contact information
Run background checks*
Upgrade to search for criminal records, sex offender status and more or buy a Background+ Report for even more info. *Additional Fees Apply to each upgrade

How can I find someone by username?

Got a username but no email? No problem! Enter a username into the search above to see all available profiles from well-known platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Match and more!

Uncovering the Truth: How to Identify the Owner of Any Email Address

Ever wanted to know who's behind that mysterious email? Here's a simple, step-by-step way to identify the owner of any email address using Spokeo. Give it a try and start unlocking secrets today.

How a Reverse Email Lookup Can Help You

Still not convinced that our reverse email lookup tool is right for you? Check out what our satisfied customers have to say. From internet shoppers to online daters and beyond, our service has helped thousands of people just like you find the information they need to make informed decisions. Don't take our word for it — try reverse email search for yourself today!

How to Make Spokeo Work for You

Looking to expand your knowledge on reverse email lookup? Look no further than The Compass, our comprehensive blog filled with articles that can help you make the most out of your email search.
How to Investigate Email Fraud
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Questions about Reverse Email Lookup Searches

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