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Uncover owner identity
Search owner's location
View social profiles
Uncover owner identity
Search owner's location
View social profiles

How Does a Reverse Email Lookup Work?

Spokeo's Email Search sifts through hundreds of sources for the owner's name and social media profiles and, where available, combines all the data into one easy-to-understand report

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Reverse Email Search Can Provide...

Owner's Details

Full Name

Digital Footprint

Social Accounts
Dating Profiles

Contact Info

Phone Numbers
Secondary Emails

Personal Details

Estimated Income
Property Ownership


How an Email Lookup Can Help

Reveal Identity
Lookup the email owner's name, location, social media profiles and other personal info
Online Dating
Make sure prospective dates are telling the truth about their identity and marital status
Avoid Scams
Avoid internet scammers by running a check on any suspicious email addresses you come across online
Investigate Infidelity
Enter your partner's known email addresses to search for any dating profiles or unknown social media accounts
Keep Family Safe
Look up neighbors to see what they're up to online
Enhanced Report
Upgrade your search to an Enhanced Report to access marital status, criminal history* and much more. *Additional Fees Apply
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Search Across 120+ Social Networks

See all available profiles from well-known platforms including Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, Match and more!

Your World, Made Clear

Watch our 30 second pitch to see how Spokeo can help you navigate life's uncertainties

How We Can Help

Reveal Identity

"I was being contacted by a scammer disguised as someone trying to date me. We met online. I used Spokeo to look into their email address, and I eventually found out that they were not who they said they were."


Avoid Scams

"I found out the person that I was talking to wasn't the person I thought they were. They were trying to get money from me. Spokeo verified that their email address was not real."


Verify Details

"I was going to go on a date, and I wanted to verify who it was that I was going out with. I found out that the person I was about to go on a date with has a record of domestic abuse. I was relieved to find that out prior to going on the date!"



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