The Most Common Middle Names in the US

These days, middle names are rarely used by anyone but frustrated parents yelling at misbehaving kids. Despite the fact that just about all of us have them, most people don’t know where the tradition of middle names comes from. The

Is Couchsurfing Safe?

There’s no better way for globetrotters to enjoy an authentic travel experience than to spend time with the people who actually live there. A network of travelers who want to share their homes with other travelers may seem too good to be

The 5 Most Common Phone Scams of 2019

The difference between common phone scams and old-fashioned telemarketing is a line that has grown increasingly thin. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s consumers were reliant on their landlines.  Telemarketers predictably -and

Uncovering a Catfish

Family means everything, and when someone dear to you makes a questionable decision, it’s only natural to be concerned. Dana has always had her family’s best interests at heart. When she found out that her grandfather, Joe, was moving in

Phone Scam Area Codes to Watch Out For

What do you do after noticing that you’ve missed a phone call from an unknown number? Do you just ignore it? Or does your curiosity get the better of you and force you to call them back? If you’re one of the brave souls who calls back

Spokeo on Orange is the New Black

Spokeo got a shout-out on the new season of Netflix’s hit show, Orange is the New Black! In episode 8, entitled “Baker’s Dozen,” the ever-resourceful Lorna Morello advises her friend Nicky look up an elusive old contact’s new address

How to Enjoy Being Single

Being single doesn’t have to be about downing a bottle of wine while watching romantic comedies until you fall asleep every night. If you’ve been flying solo for awhile or are newly single, you should consider yourself lucky.  Forget