Phone Scam Area Codes to Watch Out For

What do you do after noticing that you’ve missed a phone call from an unknown number? Do you just ignore it? Or does your curiosity get the better of you and force you to call them back? If you’re one of the brave souls who calls back

Spokeo on Orange is the New Black

Spokeo got a shout-out on the new season of Netflix’s hit show, Orange is the New Black! In episode 8, entitled “Baker’s Dozen,” the ever-resourceful Lorna Morello advises her friend Nicky look up an elusive old contact’s new address

How to Enjoy Being Single

Being single doesn’t have to be about downing a bottle of wine while watching romantic comedies until you fall asleep every night. If you’ve been flying solo for awhile or are newly single, you should consider yourself lucky.  Forget

Searching For Answers

Most adopted children tend to wonder about their history - a natural desire to know where they came from, what their biological family is like, and why they were given up for adoption. For Catherine, her story began 50 years ago, when she

The Best Places to Meet New People

The more meaningful relationships that you have in your life, the healthier you’ll be. It’s a fact — making an effort to meet new people and have positive social interactions with friends can be a source of many different health benefits.

What’s the Impact of Social Media on Youth?

Social media usage amongst young people has increased dramatically in recent years. Teens have mixed views on social media’s effects on people their age. Some say it helps them connect with people while others express concerns about

Beware These 7 New Social Media Scams

The meteoric rise in popularity of social media platforms in recent years has led to a huge upswing in social media scams — putting a growing pool of users at risk. The various platforms now boast a whopping 2.77 billion users worldwide