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Start Prospecting
New Leads.

Brokers and agents need to find that next listing. Take your purchased email lists and search up-to-date contact information for every contact. Whether it's a list of expired listings or for sale by owner or distressed properties, you can use Spokeo to update contact information and find your next listing.

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Find Contacts for Expired Listings

Expired listings are one of the best ways to prospect new listings, however most email lists are filled with incomplete and incorrect contact information. Get the most out of your email lists by updating the contact information with Spokeo.

Convert FSBO & FRBO into Listings

Locate the right contact information to turn FSBO and FRBO properties into new listings. Utilize all the tools of Spokeo's reverse contact information lookup and use address, email, phone number or name to find the right contact information.

Reach Distressed & Probate Properties

Looking to work pre-foreclosure leads... or avoid them? Spokeo does all the work to provide valid contact information such as mailing address and phone numbers to provide viable leads or filter out homeowners you want to avoid.
Update Your List Contact Information
Reach owner not occupied properties and determine if the owner would like to sell or rent. Absentee lists typically are missing contact information. Utilize Spokeo to search Absentee owners and connect with them to find your next listing.
Circle Prospecting
Spokeo helps to Know Your Customer by providing detailed information about the neighborhood, similar properties and even social media associated with property owners. Spokeo can help find contact information and neighborhood details that might help contact more than just the prospect and double your chances of finding a listing.
Expired Listings
If another agent fails to sell a property, look up detailed information after a transaction falls out of escrow. Fill in gaps of contact information including second phone numbers and emails.
Title Companies
Utilizing Title company data only provides address to work with. Utilize a reverse address lookup on Spokeo to take an address and find contact names, email and phone numbers.
CRM & Dialers
Emails and contact information obtained from dialers can be scrubbed of the most recent, useful contact information. In our experience, less than 20% of purchased lists' numbers are the best contact information. Utilize Spokeo to fill in the gaps and learn current contact information to connect with the best prospects.
Commercial Properties
LLC or S Corp Listing information obtained from the Secretary of State can be enriched using Spokeo for obtaining contact/phone details & social media.
Start Prospecting New Leads.

Ready to supercharge your purchased email lists with updated contact info? Whether it's a list of expired listings or for sale by owner or distressed properties, get ahead of your competition with Spokeo today.

Join thousands of real estate agents and brokers and start using Spokeo for Business for your next leads!