What is Phone Number Search?
Need to find someone? Spokeo is a comprehensive people search engine, helping you to receive contact information, reconnect with family and old friends, and find people's social networks. Enter any first and last name to search billions of public records instantly.

    Common use cases include:

  • Reconnect with family that is out of touch
  • Find long-lost classmates and old friends
  • Get up-to-date contact information

    Search by name, phone number, or email address. Get:

  • Current address and location history
  • Mobile or landline numbers
  • Family members and other public information
Most Popular Phone Numbers by State
Spot Telemarketers
Tired of receiving annoying phone calls from the same company trying to sell you something? Perhaps your number ended up on some call center's list and now you are getting calls at all hours of the day. Search for that troublesome number and tag it in our database to help steer clear of their calls.
Browse Telemarketer Phone Numbers
Area Code Lookup
Wonder who's calling? Put an end to the mystery by searching any phone number and/or area code. Aggregating across millions of listed landline, mobile, and cell phone records, Spokeo's reverse phone lookup functions like a personal caller-ID system and can identify the owner (full name, address, email, photos, social profiles) of virtually any phone number in the United States within seconds.

    Common use cases include:

  • Find major locations by entering the area code
  • Find out which popular cities are associated with a given code
  • Find exact phone numbers by locating the area code first
  • Find long lost friends or loved ones by entering their phone numbers
  • Find out if the call is from a known associate, suspicious caller, and/or telemarketing company
Most Popular Area Codes
Spokeo Stories

Spokeo is focused on helping people research and reconnect with others. From reuniting families, to providing our users with peace of mind, or even getting involved in the community, take a look at some of the ways Spokeo is helping make a difference.