5 Cringey Pickup Lines to Avoid

We’ve helped New Yorkers ask the first date questions that make a lady laugh.  We’ve supported Los Angeles men in making a good first impression.  Now we’re helping everyone avoid the cringey pickup lines that are guaranteed to get you ghosted.  It’s not hard to come across as normal.  All you have to do is avoid these five cringey pickup lines that are somehow still in circulation. 

Did Your License Get Suspended From Driving All These Guys Crazy?

There’s only one thing that could be hotter than this line.  Anything.  At least you’ll have time to make a quiet escape while he’s high-fiving his bros, because this cringey pickup line is peak Chad.  To translate, “I see you’re attracting quite a bit of attention, so here I am in your personal space.”  A good tip for making someone feel special is not to make them feel responsible for being attractive.  This line, by contrast, reeks of desperation (and Axe).     

If You and I Were Socks, We’d Make a Great Pair.

Sorry, socks?  Did you say socks?  Are you telling me that you scanned your memory palace for the sexiest image it could conjure and came up with socks?  There’s only one type of guy who would reach for this cringey line, and you don’t want to know about his feet.  Neither do you want to accept his irresistible offer to “make a great pair” unless you’re ready to seal the deal with a handshake.  

Who's Calling Me?

Search any phone number to learn more about the owner!

It’s only slightly less revolting than, “Are you my appendix? Because I’d love to take you out.”  Be warned, if a woman continues the conversation after this opener, it can only be because she’s working on her very own pig butchering scam.

Do You Have a Name, or Should I Call You Mine?

Woah there, Chief, the Middle Ages wrapped up a while back.  In a pinch, you might be able to pull this off if you can maintain unwavering eye contact and a self-deprecating smile, but chances are you’ll come across as presumptuous and chauvinistic.  It’s a bit like, “There’s something wrong with my phone.  It doesn’t have your number in it.”  It’s cringey and creepy.  You’re aiming for Sugar Daddy but you unleashed Stevia Guardian.   

Are You From Tennessee? Because You’re the Only 10 I See.

You can practice this one all you like in the middle school restroom mirror, but you’ll still be met with crickets and tumbleweed.  If in doubt, follow it up immediately with “Geddit?  Tennessee” or ask your wingman to show them a joke breakdown on his phone.  Bad puns like this are no fun at all — even a Tinder bot would ghost you for this one. 

Do You Like Star Wars?  Because Yoda Only One for Me

It’s always surprising to see this one still in circulation, but the force is clearly strong.  Let’s remember the golden rule again, though.  There’s no … Star Wars … in dating.  The streams must not cross.  And ladies, if you do hear this line from a sweaty furball with a flannel shirt and a lightsaber, point out that Yoda says everything backward.  Burned they will be. 

We’re only having a bit of fun, of course, and in the end, it’s not the line you deliver but the way you say it that matters.  Pick up some tips on what to do and what you definitely don’t want to do in our TikTok countdown from 10 to 1 of the worst dating red flags. 

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