How Spokeo Helped a Mom Find Her Missing Daughter

A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Sherri recently used Spokeo to help a friend locate her missing daughter.

One night, Sherri’s friend went into her daughter’s room and discovered that she had run away. Sherri came over and the two of them searched her room for clues and noticed that her daughter had a texting app downloaded on her tablet. They frantically searched through her messages and saw that she had been texting someone about leaving.

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Sherri used Spokeo to do a reverse phone search and luckily was able to find the person with whom the daughter had been texting. Sherri and her friend turned over the information they had discovered on Spokeo to their local police department in New Jersey. Within 24 hours, the daughter was found. Sherri and her friend were incredibly relieved when the daughter was returned home safely.

Sherri, we are so happy that your friend’s daughter is home safely and that Spokeo was there to help you find crucial information quickly in your hour of need!

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