Why Companies Should Support Employee-Led Initiatives

For a company to perform at the highest level, it needs to prioritize ensuring that the needs of its employees are being met. At the end of the day, a company is only as strong as its workforce — satisfied employees are motivated employees. 

This is why a focus on diversity and culture fit are often key factors when it comes to building a team. A team that has the capacity to influence company culture will be more engaged and thus more motivated to make progress towards attaining overall organizational goals. 

In order to keep your team members engaged, decision-makers need to listen to what matters to them and support employee-led initiatives in the workplace. 

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Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

First, a few statistics:

  • According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of managers feel employee engagement is one of the most important factors contributing to organizational success. 
  • Research from Gallup shows that employee disengagement costs the United States upwards of $550 billion annually in lost productivity
  • The Workplace Research Foundation found that engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity 
  • Talent Culture found that increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee annually

As we’ve become increasingly aware of these trends at Spokeo, we’ve made an effort to encourage employee-initiated community events and resource groups. If there’s a cause important to one of our team members, we take pride in being open-minded, encouraging and supportive in order to help them make it happen.

How Spokeo Supports Employee-Led Initiatives

In February we held a trivia night fundraiser to support long-term animal care after the Australian wildfires. After one of our Talent Acquisition team members expressed that this was important to her, we banded together to get behind the cause and engage our team and their families. In a single night, we raised over $700 for the Animal Welfare Institute that will go towards the restoration of Australian habitats. 

We also hold annual Rails Girls workshops for Women in Technology because bridging the gender gap in the computer science field has always been a high priority for company leadership. Every year we gather volunteers to help teach a free weekend workshop to women who are looking to learn how to code with Rails. We also host events for Pasadena Women in Tech.  

Another important employee initiative has been the formation of Spokeo’s first employee resource group, Women of Spokeo. Employee resource groups are another way for employers to foster engagement. As defined by Workest, employee resource groups are “led by employees, aligned with [the] company’s mission and values, and created to foster a particular outcome that makes [the] company a better place to work at for all employees.” 

Is Your Voice Being Heard?

If you have an initiative in mind for your own workplace, we encourage you to take action! Research (and our own experience) demonstrates that the benefits will be well worth it.

Spokeo understands that supporting employee-led initiatives is the definition of a win-win. What’s good for our employees is good for the company’s bottom line.

Ready to have a say? Join the Spokeo team.

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