Spokeo to the Rescue

Has there ever been a time where you needed to get ahold of someone immediately, but didn’t know how to because you didn’t have their phone number? Jennifer, a Spokeo user, was desperate to reach her neighbor when she realized a massive water leak at his house while he was out. Keep reading to see how she saved the day using Spokeo’s Reverse Address search!

Jennifer was hanging out at home one afternoon when she realized that she heard water gushing out in her backyard. Curious to know what was going on, she went outside and was shocked when she saw gallons of water leaking from her neighbor’s solar panels. She instantly ran next door and started banging on his front door to get his attention. After hearing the commotion, a few other neighbors came outside to help her out, but nobody was answering the front door. This neighbor was new to the neighborhood and had only been living there for a few months, so, unfortunately, nobody knew much about him yet.

Frantically, Jennifer went to Google and searched ways to find a neighbor’s phone number. Spokeo was one of the first results on the page and because she had recognized our brand after hearing about it online before, she decided to try it out. Since she didn’t know her neighbor’s name, she typed in his address to see what information she could find. Through Spokeo’s Reverse Address Search, she was able to find his name and phone number. She called the number and when a man picked up on the other line, she introduced herself and explained to him what was going on.

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Within minutes, the neighbor – who she learned was named Phil – was back at home. It turns out that he was grocery shopping nearby, so he dropped what he was doing and quickly drove home. When he arrived, he turned off the main water valve, which stopped the leak. Once the situation was under control, he went over to Jennifer’s and expressed his extreme gratitude to her for “sleuthing the internet to get ahold of him”. After this incident, they officially introduced themselves and exchanged phone numbers for emergencies.
We’re so happy that we were able to help Jennifer save the day after a neighborly mishap! Whether you’re needing to get a hold of a neighbor, or scoping out a new neighborhood before moving in, Spokeo is a great tool to help you learn more about the people in your neighborhood. Start your search today!

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