77 Years Later an Old Flame Becomes a New Friend

Old friends reunite

We’re all fans of the perfect fairy tale ending. Boy meets girl, sweeps her off her feet and they get married and live happily ever after. It rarely EVER works out that way, but that doesn’t mean hearing a different tale can’t bring just as big of a smile to your face!

We recently heard from a lovely Spokeo user who, after two marriages, used Spokeo to find her teenage romance. Her teen dream became a musician and this career path caused their lives to separate. They both eventually married and raised their own families. After 77 years, she found him on Spokeo and decided to pen her old pal a letter. Snail Mail? Definitely not! Only two days later, she received a phone call from him and they were able to catch up on the many years and the interesting paths their lives had taken.

Mrs. S had lost one husband, and though divorced from her second, remains great friends with him. Her teen heartthrob remains married after sixty years, and she couldn’t be happier for him. She is even looking forward to meeting his wife soon. Though it would have been fun to share a story of their rekindled romance, at 88 years old, Mrs. S. says she is happy and thankful that they are both alive and in good health.

“Every time I think about finding ‘him’ and hearing his voice after all these years, I am overjoyed and so very thankful.”

We couldn’t be more happy for this lovely lady! We’re excited to have brought you back full-circle into the romance of your youth and look forward to hearing more about how catching up on more than 70 years of time apart works out for you!! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mrs. S. ​