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Learn how to protect your family both in your neighborhood and online. Discover the best ways to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

It’s virtually impossible to keep your kids away from the internet these days. From researching homework assignments to FaceTiming with grandparents, the internet is a fact of life. Unfortunately, the internet is not limited to academia

The Most Common Middle Names in the US

These days, middle names are rarely used by anyone but frustrated parents yelling at misbehaving kids. Despite the fact that just about all of us have them, most people don’t know where the tradition of middle names comes from. The

What’s the Impact of Social Media on Youth?

Social media usage amongst young people has increased dramatically in recent years. Teens have mixed views on social media’s effects on people their age. Some say it helps them connect with people while others express concerns about

3 Negative Effects Social Media Has On Teens

While social media can be a useful tool in many ways, there’s no denying it comes with some concerning side effects - specifically for young people. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that kids these days

5 Signs Your Child is Being Cyberbullied

According to Common Sense Media, teens spend an average of nine hours a day online, while preteens average about six. Given that even well-adapted kids spend so much of their lives online texting, posting on social media and playing video