How to Find If Someone is Married: The Best Ways to Get the Truth

Daters deserve to know

Have you ever wondered how to find if someone is married? Maybe you didn’t spot a ring but were too shy to ask. Or perhaps you met them on a dating site and have some suspicions about their true relationship status. Either way, most marriage licenses are public record.

Here’s how to quickly search for answers.

“How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Married?” – Use a People Search Tool!

If you’ve met someone who really seems to have their life together an online dating site there’s probably one thought that goes through your mind when contemplating a future with them…“How can I find out if someone is married?” We’ve got good news for you – you can find out the truth.

While marriage status is accessible via public record, you’ll need to have at least a few personal details handy about who you’re searching for. The most important thing to know is their first and last name. If you also have a reasonably good idea of where they reside, you can search them quickly using a people search engine. Simply enter the name, city, and state to start your search to find out if someone is married. (If you aren’t sure of the exact city, just enter their name and browse from there.)

Within seconds you’ll have a complete report of all the available public records on the person, including address, phone number, email address, and even marital status. 

It’s a fast and effective way to get a lot of pertinent info without having to comb through thousands of Google search results.

How to Check If Someone Is Married – Another Effective Method

One easy and free way to check if someone is married is to search for government records.

First, make sure you have their full name and the county in which the marriage would’ve likely taken place. Then you can easily search county records online by following a few simple steps. Take a look:

    1. Enter into Google the county name and the words “online marriage records.”
    2. If that county has online records, the Google results will return a link to that website. Click the link to that website.
    3. Enter the person’s full name and search to see available listings.

You can also search for divorce records the same way. Marriage licenses will include the names of both partners and the date/location of the marriage. Do note that some counties will charge a nominal fee, but that’s usually just for a certified copy.

Also, note that California offers confidential marriage licenses (a legally binded marriage license not in the public record), but it’s currently the only state to do so.

Are There Other Ways to See If Someone Is Married?

I’ve you taken part in the online dating scene before, you must know that not everyone is totally, 100% truthful regarding their personal lives. When it comes to online dating, doing your research is essential.

While millions are finding love every day on sites like OKCupid, eHarmony, and Tinder, some fall victim to liars who pretend to be divorced but are actually still married. One study suggests that  53% of men and women lie on their online dating profile. While some lies are relatively harmless (fibbing on your height/weight is most common), others can lead to feelings of heartbreak and betrayal that have a lasting impact when it comes to trusting potential partners in the future.

As the continued success of Ashley Madison demonstrates, extra-marital affairs are as popular as ever and it’s not unusual to hear about someone’s latest flame turning out to be married with children.

If you have a sinking feeling your new special someone may be married and have already tried searching marriage records by name, you can also search their email address or online username and see associated social media profiles, some of which (like Facebook) could include their relationship status.

You Have the Right to Know

Public records are public for a reason. You only need a few small bits of info to begin your search. Finding out someone is married may be painful, but you have a right to know who you’re getting involved with. Don’t allow yourself to be at the mercy of their word. Take control of the situation and discover the truth today. You have the power to find out who’s really single and who’s actually married at your fingertips.