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Who’s Emailing Me?

Have you been on the receiving end of unwanted emails from mystery senders lately? Are you finding an increasing number of strange messages bypassing your spam filters? While some may be harmless, you should be wary that some may have

5 Ways to Put a Stop to Robocalls

If you're getting barraged with unwanted calls from unknown numbers, you’re not alone. Phone scammers and election season autodialers are running wild and it’s driving millions of Americans crazy. Here are 5 ways you can begin to put

The Best Way to Find Information on People

When it comes to finding information about someone online, most people think there are only two ways to do it. The most common method is a quick search for the person on Facebook. But even if you find them, odds are their profile will…

3 Tips to Avoid a First Date Disaster

A first date is a natural recipe for disaster. It's an anxiety-inducing audition in which you feel pressure to be interesting, engaging, and confident - all in hopes of making a good first impression. While this may come natural for…

Who Are They Texting?

For all they do to make our lives easier, smartphones can also cause a lot of complications, especially when it comes to relationships. Texting makes staying in touch with someone as easy as typing a few words on a screen, but therein lies…

Tips to Identify 99% of Phone Scams

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate. Smartphone chatting applications and SMS have become the preferred mode of communication. It's easy to find people in bus stations, airports, and even coffee houses chatting more than talking…

7 Signs of Infidelity: How to Catch a Cheater

Infidelity remains a painful fact of life for millions of men and women every day. No matter who’s doing it or when, the outward signs of unfaithful behavior are the same, and knowing when to spot signs of cheating could help you take…