Home StoriesConnectors An Old Man, His Son, And a Storm
Home StoriesConnectors An Old Man, His Son, And a Storm

An Old Man, His Son, And a Storm

by Spokeo

Father & Son

Distance knows no bounds for this family. Although separated by multiple states, Foster and his father have a ritual in which his father calls him every Sunday to catch up. This Sunday was different, no phone call ever came. The fear started to sink in after multiple attempts to reach his father with no answer.

A Father’s Safety

Keeping a level head, Foster remembered the first name of one of his dad’s neighbors and quickly signed up for Spokeo to find the man’s contact information. After doing an address search, he came across the neighbor’s familiar name. He instantly located a phone number and called it. To everyone’s relief, the neighbor answered.

A Son’s Relief

“I used your service to get his neighbor’s information. They went over to check on my dad and he was fine. They had a big thunderstorm that caused power outages, which is why I wasn’t able to get a hold of him.”

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Who's Calling Me?

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We are so glad that we were able to give Foster peace of mind that his father was safe and sound. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to reach a family member in another state, you can always head to Spokeo to find contact information for neighbors who can check up on your loved one.