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Home StoriesProtectors Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True

by Ashley Viloria

When you receive a call from an unknown phone number, you never know who’s on the other end of the line. With phone scams on the rise, you have to be vigilant and mindful about keeping your information safe.

An Appealing Offer

Gilbert recently received a call from an unknown phone number. The caller mentioned that Gilbert still had some points left on his timeshare and had the option to cash out from the rentals. At first, this call didn’t alarm Gilbert because he had a timeshare and the offer was very appealing. The man told Gilbert that all he needed was Gilbert’s financial information. Before Gilbert was willing to share any information, he asked for a contract to be signed before he shared anything. The caller hesitated, pushing further for Gilbert’s financial information before drafting the contract. Gilbert refused and hung up.

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Shutting Down A Scam

Recognizing that it was most likely a scammer who called him, Gilbert turned to the internet to get some answers. He found Spokeo and signed up for a subscription. He performed a reverse phone lookup on the unknown phone number and noticed that there were no ties to a person or a company.

“I went online and Spokeo came up with a good offer to look up the phone number. It’s a good service!”

Although Spokeo confirmed his suspicions, Gilbert decided to double-check by calling his timeshare company. They were able to verify that the caller was not with their company and that they didn’t have any such offers. 

If you receive a call offering a deal that sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. If you need a refresher on what to look out for, read our list of the most common phone scams. The main takeaway is to always be diligent and research the caller before giving them any of your personal or financial information.