Who Are They Texting?

Here's how you can find out.

For all they do to make our lives easier, smartphones can also cause a lot of complications, especially when it comes to relationships. Texting makes staying in touch as easy as typing a few words on a screen, but therein lies the problem.

Have you noticed your partner spending an more time texting than usual? Do they get huffy when you try and call them on it?

If the answer is Yes, read on to find out what to do next.

When to Be Suspicious

If you’ve had suspicions that your partner is cheating, it may have been tempting to call them out at the first opportunity.

That said, being overprotective of their phone is just one possible symptom of infidelity. The real cheater will almost always give themselves a way with several other signs.

These include:

  • Acting distant
  • Withholding physical intimacy
  • Changing physical appearance
  • Becoming extra-critical of you
  • Spending long hours “at the office” or “with friends”

Do any of these ring a bell? If so, you could very well be on to something.

Smiling while texting is no sign of anything: they could just be enjoying delightful dog memes. If they become strangely defensive or even irate when you ask them what they’re smiling at, however, that’s a red flag. Wait until you’ve established a clear pattern of behavior before you get too worried or make an accusation.

Who Are They Texting?

If you notice your partner spending more time alone with their phone and less time alone with you, it’s natural to wonder who they’re texting. Since coming right out and asking them likely won’t work (they could be lying, after all), one proven way to find out more information is to search any unknown numbers you encounter using a people search engine to find more information.

While you should never steal their phone, if you do happen to catch a mystery phone number on your shared phone plan or on a post-it note, running a reverse phone lookup can provide you with more information including full name, location, age, social media pics/profiles and more. You can do the same with names you don’t recognize.

However hard most cheaters try, most will eventually fail to somewhere hide their behavior, or cover their tracks. For the victims of infidelity, knowledge is power. The sooner infidelity is exposed, the faster the victim can move on and heal. For the cheater, the clock is always ticking.