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Home Advice & How-ToGuides How to Search & Find Someone’s Phone Number

How to Search & Find Someone’s Phone Number

by Harrison

While Spokeo’s reverse phone number lookup can be very simple to use, sometimes it helps to have some pointers on just what you can look up with it, and how to quickly access that information.

So with no further delay, here’s how to perform a reverse phone lookup using Spokeo’s directory of phone listings.

How Can I Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number?

These days we all have to deal with a constant deluge of phone calls coming from unknown phone numbers. Many of us just refuse to answer at this point due to the sheer volume – but do you ever wonder who’s calling? Could it be an old friend looking to catch up or even an old flame who wants to give things another try? Unfortunately, odds are that it’s more likely to be a telemarketer, robocaller or even a scammer. Luckily for you we have just the solution to help you avoid speaking with those unwanted callers. Review these 3 simple steps to learn how to get the answers you’re looking for.

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Step 1: Enter a Phone Number

When you see the search area at the top of the Spokeo reverse phone lookup website, just enter a phone number and click Search. You can look up a random phone number that keeps calling you, a mysterious number appearing on your phone bill or the old number of a long-lost relative. It’s a type of a phone number lookup that will find actual information about the person you are interested in quickly. Stop wondering whose number it is. Find out the truth.

Step 2: Lookup the Number’s Owner

Once you use a reverse phone lookup, the name of the number’s owner will show at the top of the list of search results. If available, you’ll be able to see the person’s address, the names of their relatives, the city he or she lives in, and a locator focus on the area in which the phone originated.

Step 3: Check Out the Results

After completing the payment page, you can view the available info on the profile and you may find  information like:

  • Phone numbers: Additional or past phone numbers, including cell phones and landline
  • Location History: Current and past addresse
  • Email Addresses: Find email addresses, including old .edu addresses to learn more about the person. Hint: you can find a lot more information by clicking to search these email addresses to find various online profiles they’ve signed up for using these email addresse
  • Court Records: Depending on the state they live in, and how that state handles the publishing of public records, you may find arrest records, criminal records (records from the court noting convictions for crimes like assault, battery, fraud, child exploitation, etc), and more (additional fee required)
  • Relatives: Find out who the person is related to, and more information about those people in Spokeo top-rated too
  • Hint: You can use any of this information to do a deeper search. If you find their Facebook account, you can see their friends and relatives there. You can bring these names back into Spokeo’s white pages to find out more information on those people, which can be especially helpful for those researching perpetrators of crime like unpaid child support, drug connections, etc.

Don’t Stop at Reverse Phone Number Search – Try an Email Lookup

Once you’ve conducted a reverse phone lookup, you can go further by performing a stronger online search— the safe reverse email lookup. Because social media networks and online accounts require an email address to sign-up but they don’t always require a telephone number, they often are more accessible by searching an email address. So you can search someone’s phone number and find the usual information that accompanies their number (like name and address on government forms), but you might not find deep additional information like social media accounts without additionally searching their email address.  

Most people use the same or a similar username across numerous platforms as well, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for by manually entering that username, try using it with various suffixes, like “username@yahoo.com” and “username@gmail.com” and “username1” “username12” to see if that helps you find more results. Bear in mind that people are having to get more creative with usernames and social profile creation as the internet becomes a more crowded place.

Now you know how Spokeo’s phone number lookup works and the type of info it can provide you with. Curious about how reverse phone lookups work? Try one now!