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Why People Want to Work at Spokeo

by Olivia Tighe

What do you look for when looking to join a new company? There are so many important factors to consider when choosing your next role, and it can feel overwhelming to weigh those factors against each other. 

We interviewed three of our newer employees about their priorities and learned their decision-making criteria were similar: the culture, the opportunity to learn and grow, and the mission. 

Our Transparent Culture 

Spokeo has a family-like company culture. The office atmosphere is open and friendly, naturally fostering camaraderie to create friendships that extend beyond the boundaries of the office. One of our core values is “collaborate to achieve.” Because the culture allows you to befriend lots of people from different teams, this greatly increases the opportunities to learn from co-workers across multiple disciplines. We also share our company’s financials and product performance at every company meeting. This way, everyone is clear on the state of Spokeo and where we are headed. 

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We asked Narek, one of our DevOps engineers, what his first impression of Spokeo was during his interview day: “Honestly, I felt a family vibe. This was not only a place to work but to work hard and balance it with workplace activities.” 

Learning Opportunity

Spokeo employs about 200 team members. This allows for a lot of cross-functional exposure and room for both vertical and horizontal growth. If you want to learn a new skill, you are encouraged to pursue it. Nobody is limited by their job title. 

One of our six core values is “Innovate to Learn,” and one of our brand attributes is “Intellectual Curiosity.” Software Development Manager Jasmine shared her thoughts: “A small to midsize company has a lot of growth potential. There is a sense of awareness in the internet industry about how your information is being represented or distributed. This industry has a lot of potential. The founders are very open to ideas about exploring the opportunity to look at different aspects of the market.” 

“Spokeo seems more and more like a fluid meritocracy,” added Narek. He continues: “It’s not about your title — it’s about what you can do. If you improve in your work, you contribute to the company. We are not limited by our title. This is a big win. You’re free to grow with the company as you grow your skills. You do not plateau, you can see a path upward.” 

We strive to build a stronger environment where intellectually curious people feel safe trying new things and learning from mistakes.

The Transparency Mission 

Transparency is key to both our mission and our product. The data revolution has already happened, and the next phase of this revolution is transparency and control.  We know that we have a unique opportunity to impact millions of people’s lives, so we have a greater responsibility to hold ourselves to higher standards. It’s important not only that we do good, but that we are fully transparent about how we use our data to do good. Our mission is to help make the world more transparent by providing actionable data for our users, making trust a little easier.  At Spokeo we have the chance to provide clarity for millions of people’s lives by helping them reconnect with loved ones, validate their relationships and protect their families. 

The fact that we help bring transparency to such important aspects of life inspires us to hold ourselves to the highest standard in making a cutting-edge product. To make a cutting-edge product, you need cutting-edge tech. Sam, one of our software developers said: “I’ve gotten to learn a lot of modern technology so I’m up to date. Other companies are hesitant to adopt new technologies but Spokeo has easily adopted best practices for development. I love working on data quality and helping figure out how to more accurately display data that will add to the richness in a profile. I’ve enjoyed trying to visualize the details and determine the credibility of certain data points.” 

Join Us Now 

We need a great team in order for us to stay at the forefront of the transparency movement. If you would like to grow with us please click here to view our open positions.