A Natural Disaster Helps Reunite Old Friends

It’s common for friends to lose touch or go their separate ways, especially when people move a few states away. This is a heartwarming story about two couples that were good friends that lost touch after moving away.

[quote align=’right’]”You aren’t going to believe this!” he said as he gave the phone to his wife Pam.[/quote]One night, Jay and Pam were watching the news and discovered that there had been a historic flood that hit South Carolina. They were shocked by the amount of damage that was done.

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From left to right: Pam and Sandra (back row), Jay and Fred (front row) from their 1978 bowling team

The news was particularly devastating to them because 28 years ago, Jay and his wife, Pam, moved to Shelby Township, MI from Columbia, South Carolina. They left behind an apartment, some good memories and friends, like close friends Fred and Sandra. It was difficult to maintain contact being so many miles away, so the two couples had lost touch for over 37 years.

In light of the recent disaster, Jay felt compelled to reach out to Fred and Sandra. He joined Spokeo to look them up. He immediately found a number on our site and called it. To his surprise, Sandra picked up the phone! Jay shouted “You aren’t going to believe this!” in excitement, and gave the phone to his wife Pam. Fred and Sandra were safe from the flood. That night, the women spoke for hours catching up on each other’s lives.

“We can’t tell you again how wonderful this was to hear their voices again!”

The two couples exchanged emails so they could share photos and stories with each other, and Sandra and Fred are even planning to visit Jay and Pam in Shelby Township, MI once the weather settles down in South Carolina, and it gets warmer in Michigan.

We’re so happy that Spokeo was able to reunite these old friends after 37 years had passed! We hope they’ll be able to make even more memories together in the future.