April is National Letter Writing Month!


According to the US Postal Service, April is national card and letter writing month! The traditional art of handwriting a letter to someone has definitely fallen by the wayside thanks to easier communication options like email, text, and Snapchat.

At Spokeo, we think letters are actually one of the most effective to communicate in some situations! For example:

– When you’re reaching out to someone from an older generation

– If you are “testing the waters” of communication and don’t want to seem intrusive

– For making first-contact after a long period of silence

– When you want to fan the flames of a possible long-lost love interest!

Written communication is just as flexible as digital communication and often regarded as more heartfelt! There are so many ways to write a letter – on fancy stationery, typed out, or just a simple greeting card – but they all have the same effect. Everyone loves getting mail (so long as it’s not junk or bills!) and opening a letter might really make the recipient feel like you went the extra mile to get in touch.

Maybe you lost touch with a significant other during the war or you haven’t spoken since you broke up in high school. Particularly if you can’t find your intended using social media sites like Facebook and Classmates.com, an exploratory letter is a great way to initiate contact. Spokeo’s address search makes it easy to find contact information for someone you’re looking for, even if you only know their name.

Letters are also a good way to bridge the gap if you’re feuding with a family member or friend. Since letters can be opened, read, and responded to at the recipient’s pace, they’re less surprising than a phone call, and certainly more personal. And if the reason you’re estranged from a loved one involves communication issues, letter-writing may be a good way to begin a dialogue where both sides get to say what they need without being interrupted or argued with.

Have you lost touch with an elderly friend or a mentor from your past? From 2007-2013 in the U.S. alone, letter writing has decreased by as much as 23%. Older generations still see letters as a viable, polite form of communication however and reaching out to get in touch this way is a sign of respect. If you’ve lost the most recent address of an old teacher or past neighbor, try searching their name and last known location using the address search feature on Spokeo.

Lastly, remember that personal letters are still the most respectful way to address certain situations. Formal invitations should be sent by mail and of course, sympathy cards or death acknowledgements are best sent via snail mail. It’s hard to go wrong with a handwritten note!

What have you done to uphold the tradition of letter writing in your family?

Share your suggestions with us below…we could all use some inspiration for good, old-fashioned correspondence!