Celebrating a Veteran Reunion

Renee, retiree CDR Navy and her former Captain, James
Spokeo Reunions
Renee, retiree CDR Navy and her former Captain, James

In 1982, while serving in the Army, Renee was stationed in Germany and met her commanding officer, James. He really cared about his team and eventually became a mentor for Renee. He encouraged her to go to college to earn her degree, and then return to the army after. She ended up losing touch with him in 1985, but did take his advice.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Renee married a Navy officer and they went on with their lives. She ended up joining the Navy soon after. She had kept in touch with some of her Army friends, but unfortunately, no one kept in touch with James. In 2014, after 30 years of service, Renee decided to retire and was set to have her ceremony in the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery. She really wanted some other members of her unit, as well as James, to attend. She was able to easily find most of her friends, but had trouble locating her mentor James.

Renee turned to Spokeo and was able to easily find his listing after narrowing it down with the names of his family. She found an email and contacted him asking if he remembered her and inviting him to her ceremony. He soon responded, confirming that he remembered her and that it would be an honor for him to attend. During the ceremony, she attributed part of her success to his leadership and mentorship. She also mentioned that the highlight of this reunion was that James was present and told her how proud he was of her.

“It gave me so much joy to know that someone I looked up to was proud of me and everything I had accomplished.”

The joy is ours Renee! We are so glad to have helped you reconnect with James. Thank you for your service to our country.