Home Advice & How-ToDating 5 Ways to Use TikTok for Date Ideas
Home Advice & How-ToDating 5 Ways to Use TikTok for Date Ideas

5 Ways to Use TikTok for Date Ideas

by Spokeo

Is dating getting too easy?  Without leaving your couch, you can now find a date on Tinder, check that they’re not an oil rig scammer using Spokeo and get date ideas on TikTok.  The app now has more than a billion monthly active users worldwide and its algorithm is extremely effective at identifying fun, trending things to try.  So if you’re looking for some romantic inspiration, start your search on TikTok. 

What Makes a TikTok Search Different?

There’s a reason why TikTok has now overtaken Google as the world’s top web domain, particularly among Gen Z.  The app’s slogan, “Trends start here,” is a clue.  TikTok search consistently returns results that feel like the next big thing, to the point where unknown products can become worldwide brands almost overnight.  

No two users see the same “For You” screen, and no two search results are the same, in contrast to the established search engines that tend to rank pages according to their historic popularity.  On TikTok, every video posted is shown to at least one user on their For You Page.  That means every video has a chance of going viral. 

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If you’re searching for date ideas on TikTok, there’s a strong chance that you’ll find something new, quirky and hyper-personalized.  And because it’s a video-first platform, you get a chance to see, feel and imagine the experience before committing to it with your date. 

Here are five ways to find date ideas on TikTok. 

Search the Most Popular Hashtags

All it takes is one TikTok user to have an original idea for a potential one billiion+ users to follow up with their own version, parody or reaction video.  These swarms of inspiration create easy-to-search hashtags where you’ll find hours of ideas to scroll through.  Search for #dateideas, #affordabledates or #dateideasnearme for an out-the-box solution to your dating challenges.  Even brands are getting in on the action: Target’s #datenightchallenge, for example, has accumulated over 500 million views and inspired a whole generation to bond over their competitively priced purchases. 

Find the Best Restaurants for Romance

Food in all its forms is a big deal on TikTok, from professional chefs creating five-star dishes, to rookie cooks sharing their kitchen nightmares.  But dining out is a passion, too.  Pick any food truck, bar or restaurant in your area and a stream of TikTokers will almost certainly have left a digital trail for you to follow, with tips, reviews and an inside peek at what to expect. 

Of course, you could use Google to search for the “best new restaurants,” “best food near me” or even the “best restaurants for Instagram” in your area, and you’ll get an expert opinion you can trust.  TikTok, on the other hand, immerses you in the experience directly from a first-person perspective.  And if you really don’t know where to start, you can even watch TikTok videos on how to find a good restaurant. 

Track Down the Top Pop-Ups 

There might be a new teppanyaki restaurant in your town or a pop-up bar that’s creating a buzz.  The big search engines, however, could take months before they start showing it in your results.  On TikTok, by contrast, you’ll be hearing about it and watching it almost before the shutters go up.  The same goes for art exhibitions, music performances and touring attractions.  

To stay up to date (or slightly ahead of it) with everything that’s happening in your area, use TikTok to:

  • Follow the official accounts of the venues, tourist offices or organizations in your town for news (and special offers).
  • Follow the local influencers and vloggers who cover your neighborhood.  Promoters will often reach out to them in advance of a surprise visit or tour. 
  • Track the hashtags for your area to find the hottest spots for a romantic date

Get Outdoors Together (and Video It)

Like Instagram before it, TikTok has been a massive influence in encouraging people to get out, explore new places and savor some nature.  That can be all you need to enjoy a memorable date.  Do a deep dive of the hashtags and influencers for your area — or romantic getaway if you’re raising your game for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary — and you’ll be shown ideas on every aspect of that destination.  That’s the beauty of TikTok.  The content is constantly evolving, and there’s a community feel to the most popular trends.  

Create Content Together

Instead of using TikTok to create your moment, make your date about creating TikTok content.  You don’t have to be Gen Z to take a challenge, play a game or put your own spin on a current trend.  You can craft together, lip sync together (88% of TikTok users say that audio is essential to their enjoyment of the app), go on an adventure, or try a trending challenge.  These are the #couplegoals worth aiming for, and you will be boosting your follower count and engagement metrics in the process.  What’s not to love?

How to Stay Safe With Spokeo 

As with any online platform, there are risks that you can mitigate with Spokeo.  Parents in particular often worry if TikTok is safe, but you’re never too old to let your guard down.  Before you meet anyone in real life who you’ve been chatting to online, do a background check with Spokeo to satisfy yourself that they’re who they say they are.  With a quick reverse search of their email address or phone number, you can verify their credentials and — peace of mind restored — plan your date with confidence.