Are There Criminals or Sex Offenders in Your Life? Millions are Protecting Themselves With This Tool

Recent troubling stats indicate that sex crimes are on the rise in the U.S. With more and more people finding themselves and the people around them victims, some are taking steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Worried there may be sex offenders in your life or neighborhood? It’s more common than you think. Recently a father suspected his daughter was being harassed by her high school coach. He used a powerful criminal database called Spokeo to find out that her ‘coach’ was an imposter and listed on the sex offender registry.

With Spokeo, millions of Americans, and not just parents, are protecting themselves and their families with the same tool utilized by various investigative professionals across the country, and it’s easier (and cheaper) than you’d guess.

How Spokeo Finds Criminals

Spokeo crawls billions of public records, criminal reports, arrest records, state and federal databases and social media to connect the dots for you. Just by entering a name, phone number or home address, you can get a comprehensive report and profile in seconds.

Spokeo searches and aggregates public records. You could theoretically do this yourself, but how fast can you search billions of records, 95 social media profiles, the entire White Pages and every state and federal sex offender registry? Spokeo does it in the time it takes you to open a new tab in your browser.

Here’s what you get when you use Spokeo to find a criminal:

  • Public criminal records, with details about sentencing and conviction
  • Arrest records
  • Known aliases
  • Possible friends and associates
  • Online profiles — even ones they want to keep hidden
  • Email addresses, phone numbers, and past addresses

Data is constantly refreshed so users can be confident they are getting updated info, and regularly check back for changes to profiles and reports.

It’s About Protection

With sophisticated and powerful tools no longer only in the hands of investigative professionals, people everywhere across the country are beginning to realize how easy and efficient it is to protect themselves and their loved ones.

All you need is a name, phone number or home address. Spokeo does the rest.