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Home Advice & How-ToFriends High School Reunions – Easy Search Tips

High School Reunions – Easy Search Tips

by Spokeo

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When I think back to high school, a rush of great memories flood my mind. I was involved in sports and loved playing volleyball and being on the swim team.  I proudly supported my friends at the friday night football or basketball games. I was part of a close circle of pals who ate lunch together, rented limos for school dances, and hung out for grad night at Disneyland. Graduating was especially exciting and though I vowed to stay in touch with these friends (and many others) there is only one that I talk with regularly to this day.

As my twenty year high school reunion approaches this summer, I give lots of credit to our reunion committee for tracking down hundreds of people from our graduating class. Believe me when I say, not all your friends are on Facebook. It takes a robust and data-rich people search tool to help reconnect with others.

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If you’re trying to find old friends or starting to plan for your next reunion, let Spokeo help you. Check out these search tips from Spokeo’s people search experts:.

1. Use maiden and married names.

When searching for your old gal pals, be sure to try both married names and maiden names. A lot can change over the course of a few years so, if you have access to both names, try searching under each.

2. Search old hometown addresses.

Let’s hope most of your friends have moved out of the homes they grew up in, but that’s no reason to forgo searching those addresses. Searching old addresses can connect you to the new ones or it may help you to find family members who can can contact for the person’s new address or number!

3. Find siblings.

Remember that George had an older brother a couple grades ahead of him? Try searching for a sibling’s name to help you gather the information you need. Maybe it can help you find figure out where the family moved to after high school and, with a little investigative work, you can find the person you’re looking for!

4. Rely on friends.

You don’t have to seek out every single number and address. Once you’ve used Spokeo to locate one person’s contact information, you can ask that person for contact information of their friends from the same class. If that fails, you can at least see if they know a general location of the person and use our search engine to narrow down the results!

5. Utilize all Spokeo searches.

Organizing a reunion is a lot of work and any information you can get on a person will help get you to the ultimate goal of bringing former classmates and friends together. To do so, try all of our different types of searches, including our name, reverse phone, reverse address, reverse email, and username searches. Each may lead to another important piece of the puzzle, eventually helping you find each and every person on your list.

Hopefully, these search tips will help you to build your high school reunion invite list. Good luck finding those classmates!