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Home Advice & How-ToGuides House Hunting Help: Reverse Address Search

House Hunting Help: Reverse Address Search

by Spokeo

Are you looking to buy a house but aren’t sure if it’s on the market? With Spokeo, all you have to do is ask…the home owners themselves.

Reuters recently published an interesting article (and mentions Spokeo) about buying homes that aren’t necessarily for sale. According to the National Association of Realtors, “20 percent of those who sold their homes without using a real estate agent said they did so because a prospective buyer had contacted them.” Needless to say, the number of house-hunters reaching out and making deals on their own is growing with every year (up 5% from 2010).

Let’s say you have your eye on that large red house with the white picket fence and the painfully cute chimney on the corner, but aren’t sure if it’s for sale. While you could pore through endless real estate listings, wouldn’t it easier (and possibly more effective) to simply reach out to the current owner and make an offer? With Spokeo’s reverse address search capability you could be moving into your dream home within weeks. Simply enter the full address (city and state too, if you can) of the house into the search bar and hit enter; within seconds you’ll have a full report with contact info: name, phone number, age, marital status and more.

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Leah Foley October 18, 2013 - 12:21 am

This is good stuff, and I’d just like to add some more: One can also go down to the county courthouse, in the county that the house is located in, go to the County Clerk’s Office and ask for the recorded record of the house at (whatever it’s address is). You will find a plethora of information, including every past owner of the house, any permits issued over the years and for what purpose, things like fires that occurred, murders, and other pertinent facts. You will also find the names, addess(es), phone numbers and all other info about the currant owners, including the price they bought the house at and in what year, and the currant property value, along with any property taxes paid and/or owed on the property. I found this out when I was filing a lawsuit against the owner of a rental property and the manager of the property refused to give me the name of the real owner. I found out, contacted him myself, and avoided the lawsuit altogether. Knowledge, as is said, is power. The mo the betta, I say.

by: Leah Foley

18 October 2013

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