How Our Opt-Out System Works

Some people have been reporting to us that their opted-out listings have reappeared on  After investigating these cases, we’ve found that this has been caused by certain misunderstandings and false expectations about how Spokeo works. We would like to address this issue and clarify any confusion. 

When you choose to opt out of Spokeo, we place a permanent flag on your listing so that it does not ever reappear on We are constantly receiving new and updated listings, and we try very hard to match these new listings to the existing ones and preserve your privacy preference. However, a computer cannot know the difference between "John Smith at 1234 Nowhere Street" and "John Smith at 5678 Somewhere Avenue", though you may know that you moved. So if a new listing contains your new address, or if there are significant typos which prevent our computers from matching an existing listing, you will see a new listing for your name. We are constantly improving our matching algorithms in order to maintain your privacy. Spokeo guarantees that our opt out policy is among the best on the Internet.

If our online opt-out process is not working for you, please contact and our customer service representatives will do their best to help you remove your information. Please be aware that we are currently experiencing an extremely large volume of feedback; our support department will reply to your requests in the order received.