Home ProductProduct Usage Making the Most of Your Search: Watching Your Quotas
Home ProductProduct Usage Making the Most of Your Search: Watching Your Quotas

Making the Most of Your Search: Watching Your Quotas

by Spokeo

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Spokeo’s new look makes it easier than ever to make the most of your searches and keep track of how many searches you’ve performed. As a premium user, simply go to your Account menu in the top right-hand corner of the site and select “Usage”. Here, you can track how many of each searches you’ve performed or upgrade your subscription if you need more searches.

We all know how helpful the Spokeo data is and we bet you’re maxing out on your subscriptions regularly. Here’s a few simple tips to help you further in your quest for information and get the most out of your subscription each month:

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1. Don’t Repeat Searches

When performing any type of search, try not to repeat searches. Once you’ve performed a search, write that information down or take a screenshot of it so you can view it at a later time. For more information on how to take screenshots depending on what type of operating system you’re using, take a look at our previous blog: “Making the Most of Your Search: Saving Information.” This will save you from repeating the same searches and using up search quota unnecessarily.

2. Unlock Emails Wisely

Choose only the most important emails to unlock. Who do you really need to contact via phone and who would it be better to send an email to? Do you already have an alternative email for the person you’re searching for? Because email contact lookups are so limited, partially because this provides you with the smoothest searches possible, be sure to only unlock the emails that are absolutely necessary. Don’t waste searches on emails that you can do without.

3. Use Your Account Tools to Save on Searches

Use your Search History as a guide. Also under your Account link in the top right-hand corner is a link on the dropdown menu for Records. Select this and you’ll see History at the bottom of this page. You have the option to turn it on or off as well as clear the current history; turning it on, though, might keep you from performing the same searches again. Use it as a reminder! Just be sure to keep in mind that going to these searches on your history is just like performing a whole new search, which means it’s an additional search against your quota. If you don’t want it to be added to your tally, just use it as a guide.

4. Start with as Much Data as You Can

If you provide a city or state at the beginning of a name search, you’ll save yourself from filtering through results that aren’t the correct one. Many times, clicking one profile will link you to multiple addresses, so it’s best to begin with the profiles that you’re sure about, even if it’s an old address. This old address can link you to the new one without you needing to click on multiple profiles that end up being the wrong person and essentially “wasting” a search for you!

With such busy lives and so many responsibilities, most people don’t have time to waste on repetition. Make the most of your time and your searches with these helpful hints!