How to Search for Active Duty Veterans

Locating active duty military service members can be a real struggle. While retired and separated veterans can be easily located via national archives like the Department of Veterans Affairs, active duty veterans aren’t enrolled in those

3 Halloween Safety Tips Parents May Be Overlooking

Halloween is nearly here and you’ve never been more prepared. You’ve ordered your kids’ costumes, set up all the decorations and purchased entirely too much candy for a single neighborhood of children. You’ve even talked to your kids about

Unmasking a Scammer

Scammers are on the rise, and being a victim of their crimes is getting harder to avoid. One of our customers, Tricia Lynn, found out that not only had her eBay account been hacked, but also that numerous fraudulent purchases were made

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

It’s virtually impossible to keep your kids away from the internet these days. From researching homework assignments to FaceTiming with grandparents, the internet is a fact of life. Unfortunately, the internet is not limited to academia

Is Your Partner Online Dating?

Getting started with online dating is easier than ever these days. You can create an account, upload a couple photos and begin searching for connections in a matter of minutes. The easy access to a large pool of singles that online

How to Restore Contacts

Despite our best efforts, we all lose or break our smartphone at least once in our lives. There’s no feeling of futility quite like suddenly realizing your phone has been unintentionally abandoned in the back of an Uber, fumbled straight

The Most Common Middle Names in the US

These days, middle names are rarely used by anyone but frustrated parents yelling at misbehaving kids. Despite the fact that just about all of us have them, most people don’t know where the tradition of middle names comes from. The

Is Couchsurfing Safe?

There’s no better way for globetrotters to enjoy an authentic travel experience than to spend time with the people who actually live there. A network of travelers who want to share their homes with other travelers may seem too good to be

The 5 Most Common Phone Scams of 2019

The difference between common phone scams and old-fashioned telemarketing is a line that has grown increasingly thin. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s consumers were reliant on their landlines.  Telemarketers predictably -and