Product Update: Advanced Search Filters!

Advanced Filters

Searching on Spokeo just became more powerful, as we continue to evolve and incorporate your feedback. In addition to first and last name, you can now add information to refine your search, especially when you’re searching a more common name and you want to save time by narrowing the results. Options include: middle name or initial, age group, the name of the person’s relative or spouse, and more.

As an example, imagine searching for Ben Smith in California. We found over 500 people, so it may take you a while to browse the results and identify the right person you’re looking for. But, let’s say you know his middle name starts with “H” and he’s 50-59 years old. You can click the “Show All Filters” link, enter those additional search options, and apply the filters. Tada! Now, only 4 people were found to match that search criteria – creating a faster and easier search experience.

Advanced Filters

Another example. Let’s say you met a couple and you lost their contact information: the wife’s name is Susan Johnson and the husband’s name is Simon. Susan Johnson and Simon Johnson are each fairly common names. If you use our search filters, you can enter Susan Johnson and add Simon under the section for relative’s name. This reduces hundreds of people down to less than 10.

We hope this amazing new feature can help you find the right person in seconds. Stay tuned to see what’s next in our never-ending quest to make your search experience faster, easier, and more accurate!