How Spokeo Reconnected Breast Cancer Survivors

Just in time for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You know it’s October when you see pumpkin-spiced everything, halloween decor, and NFL players wearing pink jerseys. October was designated National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985 and since then, the mortality rate has decreased 39% through education, early detection, and increased funding.

A Cancer Survivor’s Story

Mary was living in Texas when she received the news that no one wants to hear. She had breast cancer. “Mary, even this journey will have its blessings,” a dear friend told her.

This couldn’t have been more true. During her chemotherapy sessions, she met two amazing  women, Martha and Tammy, with the exact same diagnosis. After going through the same surgeries with the same surgeon and receiving the same treatment, they formed a strong sisterhood “in a club none of them wanted to join.”

After chemotherapy, all 3 women were officially “survivors!”

Mary, Tammy, Martha without their wigs!

Mary says, “Gotta keep a sense of humor battling the beast that is breast cancer!”

Spokeo Helps Cancer Survivors Reconnect

Fast forward ten years, Mary receives a phone call from Tammy about a serious recurrence. Tammy had a bilateral mastectomy and wanted to get in touch with her “sisters” for support. After trying to reach Martha to no avail, Mary turned to Spokeo for help. She performed a name search and was provided with a phone number and an email address.

Success! Martha responded to Mary’s email immediately. They have all gotten back in touch with each other and received positive news: Tammy’s prognosis is good!

Mary has advice to anyone going through cancer treatment, “Stay positive, keep your sense of humor, and watch for God’s blessings along the way.”

Thank you, Mary, Martha, and Tammy for sharing your story of sisterhood and survival. Spokeo is proud to be what brought you back together.