How a Travel Agency Uses Spokeo Enterprise to Convert Emails into Prospect Profiles


Late last year we announced our latest people search offering, Spokeo Enterprise, designed for organizations with high-volume search needs such as online retailers, law enforcement, real estate and travel agencies and more.

Spokeo Enterprise helps these organizations with fraud prevention, tracking down criminals, identity verification and many other use cases.

Now we’re excited to share with you how one customer, Cruise Vacation Outlet, is using Spokeo Enterprise to do business better.

Founded in 2002, Cruise Vacation Outlet is an award-winning travel agency, recognized for its excellence by top cruise lines around the world, including Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean and many more.

The travel agency’s team of 30 sales representatives receives many leads throughout the day, but despite the agency’s best efforts to qualify its leads by gathering full profile information during the first communication, agents are frequently left with just a name and email address or name and phone number.

With Spokeo Enterprise, Cruise Vacation Outlet agents simply search by a person’s name, email, phone or address and are able to gain access to current and previous residence information, phone numbers, age, social media presence, family members and other personal details that can help with building out a full prospect profile.

Spokeo Enterprise also offers Cruise Vacation Outlet’s management the tools to administer all user and manager accounts in one, simple-to-navigate interface, eliminating the hassle of paying for multiple accounts or sharing a single company-wide password across multiple employees.

Administrators are also able to easily monitor the volume and consistency of employees’ searches, allowing them to track team productivity and efficiency. Teams have access to shared search results so that the business is never double-charged for the same results within a 90-day period.

For Cruise Vacation Outlet, Spokeo Enterprise helps to build a full customer profile that allows travel agents to follow up with new leads and help them to book their dream vacations.  Travel agents can also use the profile they’ve built from Spokeo Enterprise to follow up with past customers with targeted direct mail pieces for cruises that may interest them.

And the administrative functionality allows agency leaders to see which travel agents are doing the most research on their customers, which encourages a proactive, efficient team.