Spokeo Helps Reconnect Foster Children to Family Members


Spokeo is proud to recognize its newest community grant recipient: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of El Paso County, Colorado. CASA reached out to Spokeo’s grant program, which is committed to reconnecting and assisting people through our technology and helping the community.

CASA is an amazing organization that trains and supports volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children caught up in the child welfare system. Within CASA, there is a program called Life Long Links. They work closely with the Department of Human Services to locate and engage nuclear and extended family members as well as kin-like people in support of children and youth in the foster care system.

CASA’s El Paso County chapter had been using Spokeo for years to find safe and healthy permanent environments for the children they support. They primarily searched by name using gathered information on a select case. The collateral information Spokeo provided helped CASA narrow down a sometimes-lengthy list of possible relatives. CASA used the information provided by Spokeo to reach out in order to build connections and relationships with relatives who might have lost touch with a child or did not know they had a relative in foster care that needs their support.

Recently, CASA used Spokeo to help a 13-year-old young man living in a residential treatment facility reconnect with his family. He had been removed from his home due to abuse and neglect. By searching on Spokeo, CASA was able to find nine previously unknown family members living in the same area! This search led to a whole family network that will hopefully provide a loving and supportive environment for this young man.

It is an incredible feeling to be part of something that makes a significant difference in so many children’s lives. We are honored to assist CASA and hope to help other nonprofits in need of using our services.