High School Sweethearts Reunite After 30 Years

It was the 1970s. Led Zepplin, The Supremes, and Joan Baez were warming the airwaves with songs of passion and revolution. Society and science were on the move with the birth of the microchip and microwave ovens, while Star Wars changed the film industry forever. And Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air, a TV symbol of emerging women’s independence.

At that time, Mervin and his girlfriend Paula were high school sweethearts. Deeply in love the way that only teens can be, they thought they’d be together forever. They got engaged and looked forward to getting married, having a family, and taking on the world as teammates.

Torn Apart

But then one day they had a misunderstanding that tore them apart. They broke off the engagement, grief stricken and disillusioned, and went their separate ways. Over the years, the tears dried and they moved on. Mervin eventually met and married Hope, and they had a good life together.

Mervin kept in touch with Paula’s mother over the years, happy to know that Paula had married and was doing well. At some point he decided it was time to reconnect with Paula, just to clear the air. Not wanting to put her mother in an awkward position, he instead used Google to search Paula’s full name to see if he could find some contact information. He tried a couple of times over the years, but without any luck.

Two Tragedies and a Surprising Twist

Then in July 2017, more than thirty years after he and Paula had last spoken, tragedy struck. Hope succumbed to cancer. During his bereavement, he reached out to Paula’s mother and was thunderstruck to learn that Paula’s husband had also passed away…just two days after his own spouse had passed.

Bolstered by this powerful coincidence, Mervin decided to take fate into his hands. He used Google one last time to find Paula, but instead landed on Spokeo’s website. He ran a name search and within minutes he had her email address.

Reunited at Last

With pounding heart, he emailed her. And she answered. They’re different people now. Time changes everything and everyone it touches. Both continue to struggle with their profound losses. Whether they’ll develop a relationship again is unknown, but as Mervin says, “At the very worst, we will be friends and enjoy our memories.” One thing’s for sure: they’re grateful to have found one another again.

And now the true healing begins — thanks to two people with open hearts and minds, reunited by a little Spokeo search magic.