Home ProductProduct Updates Spokeo Introduces Advanced Search Filters
Home ProductProduct Updates Spokeo Introduces Advanced Search Filters

Spokeo Introduces Advanced Search Filters

by Spokeo

If you’re a regular Spokeo user, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve added some new bells and whistles to help you with your search needs — additional search filters to narrow down results!

Users can now filter with:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial / Name
  • Last Name
  • Age Range
  • Street, City, State
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Relative’s First and/or Last Name

How is this helpful?

As often is the case, let’s say you search a name that renders a lot of results…say you search for “John Smith.” There are a lot of people named John Smith in the United States. Our search results return more than 180,000.

  • Knowing a middle initial, can help you slim down results
  • General age range can also help you find exactly who you’re looking for a little more quickly

As a real example, let’s look for someone named “John Smith”:

Spokeo logo

Who's Calling Me?

Search any phone number to learn more about the owner!

John Smith Search

We get more than 180,000 results!

John Smith

You guessed it: John Smith is a popular name in the US

Now, let’s say we don’t know his age or location, but we do know his wife’s name is “Magnolia.” We can click the “SHOW ALL FILTERS” link and enter “Magnolia” for “Relative’s First Name.”


John Smith in the US

Filter by known information, like relatives’ names, to find who you’re looking for faster

Now, we get 10 results in the entire USA! Much easier to browse through these and figure out which one I’m looking for. Powerful stuff.

John Smith relatives

Spokeo can show results for only John Smiths related to people named “Magnolia”

Happy Searching!