Spokeo Mobile Refresh: Keeping Smartphone Search Simple

New Mobile on Iphone5



Today, we’re excited to unveil a new smartphone experience for Spokeo.  It features a simple and sleek skin that enables less typing and tapping, and delivers a more direct path to the information you want (come to think of it, the new look would pair nicely with a green iPhone 5c, see image). This launch is part of the overall effort we’ve been working on to refresh the look and feel of our search product, as noted by the Los Angeles Times.


Harrison Tang, president and head of product for Spokeo, commented saying “Spokeo’s people search experience was first designed with mobile in mind, this was back in 2010. Our rule was if it worked on mobile it would work on the PC. This belief enabled us to think and design with simplicity at the core.”


In 2010, Spokeo was among the first in our category to launch a mobile web product that enabled search by name, email or phone, and then tap into location with a couple clicks, and instantly view a profile page. Without changing this design philosophy, we’ve polished up the look to make sure that the experience across devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) is consistent. Spokeo subscribers that are logged into their account can also access search history, bookmarks and usage information across devices.

Considering the majority of U.S. mobile users are now smartphone users (according to a report from eMarketer, May 2013), not to mention Spokeo’s mobile users are on the rise with a steady 11% increase month over month, we’re excited to ensure Spokeo’s utility remains accessible to the growing mobile web.  Whether you’re researching from the airport or your bedroom…if you have a smartphone with you – you have a simpler way to find people.