Spokeo Presents Oral Arguments to U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Earlier today, Spokeo, represented by Andrew Pincus, John Nadolenco, Archis Parasharami, and Donald Falk of Mayer Brown LLP, presented arguments to the Supreme Court of the United States in “Spokeo, Inc. v. Robbins” on the very important issue of whether the Constitution permits a lawsuit to proceed merely on the allegation that federal law has been violated when the plaintiff cannot claim that he has been harmed in a concrete way.

Though well-known as a growing people search engine, Spokeo is by no means a technology “giant.”  Nonetheless, recognizing the importance of the issue to its business, the company has proudly led the defense through the trial court, the appellate court and now onto the U.S. Supreme Court in taking a stand against no-injury lawsuits.  In doing so, Spokeo has capably represented the interests of much larger businesses and technology giants.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, eBay, Time and more have all filed briefs supporting Spokeo’s position and noting how important the issue is to their respective businesses. We are proud to represent this group on such an important topic.

We look forward to the announcement of the decision from the Court next spring.