Spokeo Reunions: Lost then Found


Twenty five years ago, Jean and Kathryne’s brother passed away, and this led them to ultimately lose contact with their brother’s stepson Tim. They had always been close with him and were hoping to rekindle the relationship. They wanted to make sure he was doing well and catch up on his life. They’d known that he possibly lived in the Seattle area, but that clue and his name were all that they had to go on.

Kathryne was going to be visiting the Seattle area in the near future and hoped to be able to contact him and see him again. Jean conducted a quick internet search which led her to Spokeo and, she was excited to find a phone number. The number turned out to be his home number and just like that, they were back in touch!

Kathryne was able to visit Tim during her Seattle trip and enjoyed a very happy reunion. She even met his wife and daughter! We’re so proud to have been a part of bringing this sweet family together again. We hope for many updates and visits in the future!