Spokeo Reunions: One Night of Searching Leads to Years of Memories

family Search

Latesha had been disconnected from her father’s family for more than 20 years. She’d used Spokeo in the past for other things, but one evening she decided it was time to do some searching for family.

She had a few names she knew for certain and began to type those into the Spokeo Search bar, one at a time. Slowly, as she clicked through the profiles, the names she had led her to phone numbers. Not only did she find the specific people she was looking for, but she was also able to uncover other relatives who lived in the same household.

“I found everyone I was looking for that same night!” exclaims Latesha. “I hope that others who have yet to meet their family, learn about how easy it was for me and do it too. It can be done!”

As of this posting, Latesha has only shared phone conversations with her new found family and already is catching up for the lost time. She looks forward to meeting them in person one day soon as they are only a few driving hours away. We can’t wait for that day, and wish them all the best catching up and sharing memories.

Are you looking for a family member? Try Spokeo today!