Spokeo Reunions: Seeing Dad One Last Time


We’ve said it multiple times before and we’ll say it as often as we can. WE LOVE REUNIONS. We especially love reunions that Spokeo helps make happen, and we’re drawn almost to tears when we know we help bring our users peace and closure. We recently heard from Spokeo User, Katherine, who shared her special story about finding her dad…

“My siblings and I lost track of our father in 1986 due to a family argument.  We were all in our twenties at the time. He moved away and made it clear to us that he did not want anything to do with us any more.

In the last few years we started to wonder if he was still alive as he would be in his eighties.  After two years of searching on the internet and contacting family members of his, we finally found him on Spokeo. A family member had given us an old address which showed up on Spokeo and we linked it to a recent address on Spokeo which happened to be a nursing home in Oregon. I called the nursing home and had them get permission from my father to visit. He said yes, and my sister and I drove 400 miles to see him.  It was a very nice reunion with lots of apologies. Over the next week, arrangements were made for our brothers to fly in from all over the country to visit him. The family was completely reunited. He even called our mother to apologize to her.  

Unfortunately, a few days after the last visit, the nursing home called to say that he had fallen and had been taken to a local hospital.  He died just a few days later. Thanks to Spokeo we all got to see Dad one last time.  I don’t like to use the word “closure” but it is the only one that fits in this situation. Thank you Spokeo. We now have closure.”

Though we’d love to think of Katherine and her siblings enjoying many years of new memories with their dad, we’re encouraged knowing that they got that chance to clear the air before it was too late. Thank you Katherine for sharing your touching story with us. We couldn’t be more inspired to continue providing our users with the tools enabling them to research people and reunite!