Spokeo Rewards Team Creativity with I.C.E. Competition

ICE Logo 2014

Last December, a select group of Spokeo leaders created a friendly competition for Spokeo staffers to Innovate, Collaborate and Execute (ICE) together. The competition encouraged Spokeans to pull together with individuals from across a variety of departments to showcase their ingenuity and creativity. Self-selected teams were required to ideate a new product encompassing the three themes of connection, family and technology; create a slide deck detailing the product, the target market and what it will require to take the product to market; use the Spokeo MakerBot 3-D printer to create a visual/physical item related to their product; and present a seven-minute  “Fast Pitch” about the product to the panel of judges and the entire company.

After weeks of team selection and collaboration, four teams presented at Spokeo’s Inaugural I.C.E. competition fast pitch today, and we’re proud to feature our first place winners.

Congrats Team Minerva!! Minerva is an everyday medical management app as well as a tool for communication and disasters during emergencies.


The winners split a grand prize of $1500 and will have their team photo on display in the office lobby. We’re proud to celebrate innovation in such a fun way at Spokeo and look forward to more competitions in the future.