Spokeo Search Angels at the AAC National Conference on Adoption

Spokeo Search Angels group_web

By now, you probably know how proud we are of the five Spokeo Search Angel Award winners! A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be able to gather four out of the five winners in Cleveland at the American Adoption Congress (AAC) International Conference on Adoption.

We’re inspired daily by the stories that we hear about people reconnecting on our site and it was truly inspirational to watch our Spokeo Search Angels in action helping people reconnect all day long. The Angels joined together and discussed search and reunion with anyone who had questions and learned even more at various sessions and workshops presented by the AAC and Adoption Network Cleveland throughout the conference.

It was our honor to spend time getting to know four of the five inspiring volunteers who dedicate themselves to reuniting families. Take a look through some of the pictures from the events on our Facebook page!