Spokeo’s Leadership Summit

Spokeo Leadership

Earlier this week, Spokeo’s leadership team got together for some planning and bonding at the annual leadership summit.

Spokeo’s 25 team leads started the day by sharing the latest updates and roadmaps of the future. We ended the day with a team challenge to foster bonding and unlock our own inner-creative genius. Inspired by OK go’s “Chain Reaction” video, the group divided into four teams who each set out to solve trivia questions and riddles in order to exchange correct answers for coins. The teams then shopped at the supply store for the items that would comprise their own chain reaction machines.

Each group’s machine had to:

  • include at least 3 chain reactions with 3 balloons popping as the final reaction
  • connect each of the reactions with falling dominos
  • use only the supplies provided in the “store”

Each team was also responsible for coming up with a product flier and a 30-second marketing pitch. After an hour-and-a-half and a lot of surprise “practice” balloon popping, the teams each presented their products to the group. One clear winner emerged as the only one to successfully pop all three balloons, but really, we were all winners!



Winning team