Tech Talent Tuesday: Ali

Tech Talent Tuesday is a monthly series where we introduce you to one of the talented members of the product team at Spokeo. We’re an extremely close-knit group and pride ourselves on the great culture we’ve built. Hope you enjoy getting to know our tech minds! 


First name:


Nick Name:



UI Developer

Tell us about your job. What do you do?

Spokeo takes design seriously, and my job is basically working with our Design and Frontend teams to produce and maintain a bespoke UI framework. This includes not only defining site-wide styles, but enforcing the appropriate use of those styles to maintain our design integrity. Every project includes considerations for devices of any shape/size, as well as for users with special accessibility needs.

Life before Spokeo:

I worked at an ad agency in Manhattan Beach building interfaces and promotional experiences. My projects were pretty dynamic, but towards the end I mostly worked on popular video game franchises.

Most interesting Spokeo Project:

Advanced Filters! We’ve done a lot of work to improve our search experience, and the Advanced Filters project required collaboration between the Product, Design, Backend, and Frontend teams. The result of that work is a robust tool that allows users to narrow their search with useful parameters (such as age and location). We know users love it, so we’re actively working to improve the experience and help them find the exact person they’re looking for. Updates are coming soon!

Favorite Spokeo event ever:

Korean BBQ is a classic. These recurring dinners bring tons of people together, and the food/drink is delicious.

Words of advice:

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Interdisciplinary collaboration creates fundamentally stronger products, and shared knowledge allows teams to learn together.

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